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Monkeying Around

July 20, 2017

Like words falling on deaf ears
It is actions falling on dead souls

Lawyering up, is not going to undo the damage that has been done.

Which, who is to say any damage has happened? Our collective psyche already seems to be worn down past any further damage. Down to its survival nubbin, of watching and waiting.

Watching the entertainment because there is nothing to do to help, save buying some more high or low priced gizmos to self satisfy. Help the economy, feed the machine.

Waiting in distraction mode, for some thing or entity to gently remove our mental toys and brightly lit screens to tell us, it is time to grow up and be the divine beings we are.

Maybe the focus on the show happening between the white house and the red square is merely a wake up call.

One designed to crescendo our awareness, that this “system” is not working. All the “ism’s” are merely minor systems of thought that keep us divided from being whole.

I would like to think my perception tells me, we are on the brink of a paradigm shift into a whole new way of being.

Like an entire school of fish that turn synchronisticly at the same time sensing danger.

That or being a couple of monkeys shy of satisfying the 100th monkey theory, where, if a core group of people envision a better way then actively change, the remaining will (sub) consciously follow suit.

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