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TV Is The Drug

September 8, 2018



Sedated, anesthetized and hypnotized

An unfortunate percentage of people

Into becoming unconscious enough to

Think a reality TV star could be president

What else could explain how easily duped

Voters could be so seduced by a tall dude

With a small and adolescent vocabulary

Misogynistic mannerisms and bullying bigotry

Who still are so deep under the influence

Are doped up enough to believe his lies

Which are then corroborated by state TV

With friends like that who needs enemies

Hopefully some time before the midterms

They’ll sober up and grab a cup of coffee

So they won’t answer exit poll questions

And get a VUI voting under the influence



SO SAD that chief chicken little keeps

Them strung out with new shiny objects

Seemingly falling from the sky so often

The boy can get away with crying wolf



Time for some rehab and turn off the TV

Cold turkey would probably be the best

That might be a shock to your system

Try weaning off by 15 minutes a day

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One Comment
  1. I finally threw my TV away 25 years ago. You should hear how some people justify watching commercials.

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