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We Ignore

December 7, 2018

We ignore

The actual history

Usually at our own peril

Because nostalgia feels

Better than the reality

Of the turmoil we are

Currently experiencing

“Hey, when you die you get more popular than you’ve ever been. In you’re whole life. You get more flowers when you die than you ever got at all.

They all arrive at once……too late. And people say the nicest things about you, they’ll make shit up if they have to man,

“Oh yeah, he’s an asshole but a well meaning asshole”

“Yeah poor Bill is dead.” “Yeah poor Bill is dead.” “Poor Tom is gone” “Yeah, poor Tom” “Poor John died” “Yeah, John” “What about Ed?”

“No Ed, that motherfucker? He’s still alive man!” “Get him outta here!”

You’re approval curve goes way up”

– George Carlin

Much like GWHB, a well meaning asshole.

“A (Persian Gulf) war? Wasn’t really a war, you know, a war, is when two armies are fighting, so, I don’t know if you could call it a war, exactly, you know.

The Persian Gulf Distraction, is more like it, I think.

Pretty amazing thing, really. Bush turned out to be a major demon, who woulda guessed?

Remember when he was first president, he was the “Wimp President.” Do you remember that?

Cover of Newsweek . . . . “WIMP PRESIDENT.” *

Apparently, this stuck in this guy’s craw a little bit. That guy was a dynamite waiting to go off.


We hope you enjoyed your fireworks show. It was so pretty, and it took our mind off of domestic issues! The Persian Gulf distraction.


And the amazing thing obviously is the disparity in the casualties. Iraq, 150,000 casualties. USA: 79.

Iraq: 150,000. USA: 79.

Does that mean if we’d sent over 80 guys we still could have won that … thing or what? One guy in a tickertape parade.”
– Bill Hicks

Not one to give 45 any props, will give him an atta boy, seeing as how to my best awareness he has not ordered any of “his” troops to kill anyone.

Even his little Syrian stunt, only destroyed a few planes, the border bupkus was more comical and farcical then fatal.

So it is good to see, death and dismemberment is not his forte, rather just distraction and deceit in the dichotomous days of devolution.

I guess the political puppeteers finally figured out, that through wars, skirmishes, police actions, (since the stage show is on a global scale) when anyone is killed, they lose consumers. Plus indentured servants to make more consumables.

Lest of course, they have to occasionally gin up some work for the grave diggers and casket makers. Keep ’em all from switching jobs. To be ready, in case we really need them.

* Donald thought he to could feed his narcissism by getting on the cover of Newsweek too. Only he misunderstood, seeing how he has been trying to be the..

Whim President
Following is part 2 Ignore This Addendum

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