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Dead Horses Beaten

December 8, 2018

No animals were harmed
In the writing of this post

“Nobody understands,
Quite why we’re here

We’re searchin’ for answers
That never appear

But maybe if I looked real hard I’d
I’d see your tryin’ too

To understand this life,
That we’re all goin’ through


Sometimes I feel like
I’m beatin’ a dead horse”

– Guns-N-Roses


“You ever watch CNN for longer than, say, 20 hours in one day?

I gotta cut that out. Watch CNN. It’s the most depressing thing you’ll ever see, man. .


– Bill Hicks

Fortunately or unfortunately my job affords me the opportunity to listen to a lot of mostly satellite radio. With an unhealthy gravitational pull towards the “news”. Partly for information, chiefly for the entertainment. Always for deception.

“I watch television news for one thing and one thing only: entertainment! That’s all I want from the news: entertainment!

You know my favorite thing on television? Bad news! Bad news and disasters and accidents and catastrophes.”

– George Carlin

After doing the dial dance between MSNBC and FAUX realized each of them are beating a different dead horse.

MSNBC has colon to cranium coverage on hoping, not hoping 45 gets in some trouble, just not too much trouble otherwise they’ll have to search out clever content to keep consumers coming.

FAUX covers everything on 45 from foot to follicle favorably fawning over Forrest Trump. Still hovering over Hillary. (Hey a$$#@£=s) she lost. Mostly playing to an audience of one, plus republican racists.

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