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Ignore This Addendum

December 7, 2018

Part 2 of We Ignore

Ignore this addendum, it barely has anything to do with “We Ignore”

There is a bedsheet manufacturer out there that likes to tout its product as being so comfortable even 3 US presidents sleep on them.

Of course they don’t say which ones. Or if (since they don’t) it is even true. Curious if one was GHWB though, if now they’ll change their ad?

It is an ad heard on every commercial station on satellite radio (that is a lot of ads) daily.

Of course they have hyperbolized the shit out of their product so much so and jacked the prices so high(need a lot of margin to pay for all those ads) they can offer you $50.00 off on a product that anywhere else, would retail for about that much. Despite what is claimed otherwise.

$250 sheets – $50 = $200 which is still about $150 more than I’d pay for sheets.

However, the “presidential” claim is quite the catching contemplation. If someone who can sleep at all with that many deaths on their consciousness they must be some pretty good #ucking sheets.

Ironically what is being sold is not sheets, rather the intangible concept of a better sleep. Am not impressed, for I could probably fall asleep standing up at a rock concert.

However, like the candy bars near the check out, because people see (hear) it so often it becomes an irrational impulse buy.

Very irrational, prompted by the extra push, if the sheets don’t live up to the hype, you can send them back for a fool refund. (Yeah right.)

Not saying people won’t get a refund, the likelihood is, no one is sending anything back. So now you live with the regret, realizing that.

A.) No retailers are selling $250 sheet sets. B.) Who cares if the presidents can sleep, that is their karma. C.) Your “old” sheets were fine. D.) Maybe those “spendy” pillows or “space” material mattresses will help you sleep.

Now that you have that number newly memorized 1 800 GET FLUFFED



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