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No Place To Start

December 12, 2018

No place to start

No words to describe

Without using words

To describe words

Other than definitions

Made up of words

That are made up

Seemingly from

No where

Which are

Now here

Might as well use them

From the twenty six letters

That are made up as well

Knowing there were not

Always twenty six

Strange I know

With some being used

More than others

Zee (Z) and ecks (X) are

Practically useless

Still they are there

And are as necessary

When needed

Though sometimes

X (ecks) sounds like Z (zee)


That ended up being

A longer intro then planned

However brings me to a word

Keep hearing bantered

About as if it is critical

To the collective’s

Daily lives




Being surrounded by

Similar words


Judge, judge and judged




A word defined

Without definition




Could it be defined

More vague

Which is clearly delineated

Then the vagueness of

Justice :

a : the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments


Yet like breakfast

We anticipate it being


To those whom

Appear it is deserved

Meted out

In a “just”


A biblical hand me down

Useless as holey shoes

Neither whole nor holy

Executed by those in power

With those in cahoots

Right there in black and white

Not even a play on words, as

A “Criminal Justice System”

Inherent in the “Rule of Flaw”

To satisfy all participants

Even though it

Won’t be


Merely by perspective

Usually by

Social position

Say # 45 or

Money in the bank

(“Half penny, two penny

Ashes to dust

The almighty dollar says

“In God we trust”

Justice for money

How much more can I pay

We all know it’s the American Way

“Half Penny, Two Penny”

– Styx)


Perceived money in the bank


And visible light

Reflecting spectrum

Defined by

Melanin content

Against snow contrast

Also it is

Not what you know

But who you know

On minds it will gnaw

Can you say Kavanaugh

Is that justice?*

Because he’s a Justice

Maybe a game changer

Pronounced Whitaker

Or just

Something “we”

Made up

(“Pretty neat deal, huh?

You know how we got it?

We made the whole

#ucking thing up! //

Aren’t we versatile?!”

– George Carlin)

Not sure if the following

Is true


Once heard of a

Society or culture

That did not experience


Simply because they

Didn’t have a


For it

This one has


With soooo many

Individual interpretations

Its meaning is as


As the BP oil spill

Its malleable content

Drowned in context

“That is because there is

A lot of water in the ocean.”

– Carlos Mencia

So since there is

No place to start

Might as well treat it

Like eating

The elephant in the room

With the turd in the punch bowl

Start with

One bite at a time

Slowly accept that the

System needs



Compassion and forgiveness

Guidance and understanding

Healing and growing

Insight and enlightenment

Technocracy and meritocracy

Sharing and recycling

And with one last act

Of violence for now and


Beat those swords

Into plow shares

Then we will have

Justice for all


“It is interesting to note that those who most frequently call for fair play are those who are advantaged by the play as it currently is.

And that only when the position of privilege is in danger, are they likely to benefit from the change required to “play by the rules”.”

– Peter J. Gomes

“The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus”

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