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April 19, 2019

“Backwards words say to used I. Again go I there ,shit oh.”

– George Carlin

If God whispered in my ear

The translation would be lost

Between my mind and my mouth

Forcing her to repeat herself



As an observer here is what I see

I have a befuddled way to speak


Therefore any notion of clarity

Is obviously an absolute rarity


The questioning switch is turned on

Deciphering what to say may be wrong


Even to the most simplest of things

Hesitation verbal gesticulation it brings


If I see something that appears to be blue

Will ask myself first if this could be true


Something so plain why does it matter

Yet it puts my brain in to a scatter


Close to a primary color to be sure

My perception tells me it’s azure


Before I speak, to myself I inquire

Maybe it is more of a sapphire


Clogs the filter that is the dilemma

At least I don’t have verbal diarrhea


If you think that is unimaginable

Guess what happens with an intangible


Such as a feeling or an emotion

That causes a cranial commotion


To hell with that damn old cliche

Say what you mean and mean what you say


As the words get mangled along the way

For sure too the meaning goes astray


‘Bout the only way think I can be clear

Is if I take the time to write it here


That too makes me exasperated

Thinking too much I have extrapolated


Oh shit. There I go again. I used to say words backwards.

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