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Simmering The Frog

May 8, 2019

To a slow rolling boil

Cozy in our comfort

Of constant chaos

Ditto dire distraction and

Malignant manipulations

Satiating sadness

For fearful foreboding

Frequently forgotten

With a serotonin spike

Just not quite enough

To jump out and

Turn off the gas


“It’s hard to take the heat

It’s hard to lay blame

To fight the fire 

While we’re 

Feeding the flames”


“Second Nature”

– Rush
Approaching apathy of

Apocalyptical proportion

Lamenting loose language

Incoherently communicating

Ubiquitous misunderstanding

Forsaking personal power

To political pornography

Corporate coercion and

Mesmerizing medias

Radios satellites and screens

Big screens little screens

Flat screens curved screens

Edgeless and portable

Broadcasting blatant BS

With so many head scratchers

Being perpetually presented

We may never know if

The frog is dead or

Our goose is cooked

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