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Scripted Insincerity

May 9, 2019

@ Fast food joints

Is becoming the norm

As soon as

The tires trigger

The sensor

You are bombarded

Excuse me ……….


With a peppy

Looped recording

Welcoming you to

Fat, Salt and Sugar

Deadly dispensary

“Inviting” you

Because you’re


To partake in

Today’s deal

Of the profit push

Calorie counting killer

Wallet emptier

In the only form

Available outside

Audio enticement

Pleasant and quick

Unlike the death

Being digested

After all you are

Already there

Because you’re hungry

And “driving” thru

So you can get it fast

Tag lined

Order when you’re ready

As what follows

The script

Is now

A “live” person

Who couldn’t

Possibly have

Sustained that

Insincerity insanity

Driver after driver

Feeding the bottom line

Even though “money”

Isn’t actually

Being exchanged

Just plastic

For preservatives

Because you know

Inside you are

Spared that

Pesky pitch

As the

Silent screens

Do that for them

Flashing food

In impossible to

Eat portions

Each looking

Better than the last

Replacing indecision

With buy it all…

You have to figure

When they are

Processing for profit

Just based on

Crass consumption

That can’t possibly

Be what humans

Are here for







Everything is


For the

Target audience

To consume

Nothing else

Think not

Ask yourself

Why is only

The last part shown

Before consumption

Instead of

The whole process

Of the process

From greedy breeding

To inanimal conditions

To filthy



Pumped up

With hormones


Every last drop

Into the

Bottom line

When upon reflection

There are probably

More nutrients

In the

Happy meal box


The contents




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