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Rorschach Truth

June 16, 2019

“Trump’s Lies Matter”

– Bumper sticker


Rorschach truth

Open to interpretation

Using think blots


Blatant misinformation

Indecipherable blurs

Malleable interpretations

Blended realities

Muddled clarity

Accurate fuzziness

As concrete as quicksand

Vaguely verified

Delivered deceptively

By 45 / “Individual One”

That and the guy

Can’t speak

I’ve never heard a more

Rudimentary adolescent

Staccato delivery

Of stumped speech

So “BIG” and “GREAT”


“BAD” and “VERY BAD”

If not intentionally

Meant to deceive

Surely ends up that way

How can anyone

Say one thing one minute

Then contradict it

In the next minute

Or a week later

Without having pundits

Available to interpret

Dissect and disseminate

Dopey dialogue into

Malleable musings

That serve each

Their own purpose

And aggrandizing agendas

To distract and direct

Their intended

Flocks to follow

Down a dead end road

To the slaughterhouse of 45

“Americans, like human beings everywhere,
Believe many things that are obviously untrue.”

― Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

This stemmed from an at work situation of management misinformation where I made a loose lipped kind comment to a fellow coworker that Sarah Huckabee Sanders could work for us now to decipher our reality of impending job changes and who will be doing what.

Without skipping a beat, ignoring my intention pointing out her rearranging 45’s words into what “he meant to say”. The coworker went right to that he understood why she was quitting for constantly having to defend Trump’s truths because they were/are true.

“President Trump has made 9,451 false or misleading claims over 801 days.”

– Washington Post

Just for fun, since some of those “false or misleading claims” are redundant. (Repeating a lie doesn’t make it any more true. Unless you ask Hitler.)

Let’s say 20% are absolutely verifiable by both democrats, republicans and independents.

From the most outrageous (crowd size) to the benign (Tim “Cook” Apple). That means 45 has lied one thousand eight hundred and ninety 1,890 times since being elected, that is 2.3 per day.

That is not leadership by any standard that would measure it as such.

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