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The Gauntlet Of Happiness

July 29, 2019

Has been thrown


It has come to my attention

That anger is my retention

Barely needed a mention


Oozing with negativity

With daily regularity

Is there any positivity


In this Grinch sized heart

So Scrooge yet not too smart

Where or where do I start


Aware that it seems like


“The only joy in my life

Is a dishwashing liquid”


– Steve Martin 


Here goes

Wish me luck


Happiness Is


A gracious smile from your wife

When she’s heard the same joke

For the gazillionth time


A warm squishy hug

From said person above

The one I most love


Enjoy when we can get away

Even if just for a day

To hang out and play


Though technically not “mine”

Appreciate grandchildren

Who spend their time


Being in a financial position

To assist the kids

Help raise their children


Another thing that makes me glad

Must have had some influence

When they can all call me dad


To be continued

Who knows, maybe it will catch on.

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