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April 9, 2020

What do you get for a person

Who performs abortions?




Not sure what they do

In the medical field

But in the military

They usually dole out……..




@ Ceremonies

With press coverage

Honoring what society

Allegedly despises

The killing of fetuses

Albeit grown ones

Out of the womb ones

Still the ones that

Once were fetuses


Corporate coerced

Military discounts

Parades, statues

Front of line access

Movies glorifying

Book deals detailing

Memorial buildings

Highways and parks

Dedicated to those



With that soul defining

Moral code of….

Just following orders

You know

Doing what they’re told

By a “superior”

Who “outranks” them

While getting paid

By the taxpayer

With death dollars




And still the collective

Wonders why we can’t

Stop pre or post natal abortions

Oh yeah




“Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers.”

– George Carlin



Who although described as

Protecting your “freedoms”

Are tyrannically propagating

A consumptive lifestyle by

Strong arming control and access

Over global resources with the

Blank check from your tax dollars

By any means necessary which

Include killing noncombatants

Of all ages referred to as

Collateral damage……ooopsie

“What matters, is that if you believe in the sanctity of life, then you believe it, for life of all ages.


You either love all people of all ages or you shut the fuck up.”

– Bill Hicks

Maybe I just don’t understand

Why condoning one form is okay but

Condemning the other form, not okay

Seems to me, that is like wearing

Leather shoes and a fur coat

To a PETA rally, sure it’s comfortable

But it completely misses the point

“These people call themselves “right to lifers.” Don’t you love that phrase? And don’t you love the way these kind of people pervert the English language?

You realize that most of the right-to-lifers are in favor of the DEATH penalty? And they support the South American DEATH squads.

And they’re against gun control and they’re against nuclear weapons control.

When they say “right to life,” they’re talking about THEIR right to decide which people should live or die.”

– George Carlin


Just an observation

Maybe I need different glasses.

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