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No Karmic Reward

April 9, 2020

Recently listened to the audiobook “The Operator”

(Firing the Shots that Killed Osama Bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior)

by Robert O’Neill

Not really the genre I’d listen to, however it was prominently displayed at the local library.

(Why not, I have 9 hours to kill each night)

Read by the author

Very well, I might add, giving the kind of vocal inflections that capture the essence of many various experiences.

Builds on his growing up in a small town recollections and reflections. On to seemingly detailed accounts of various military training.

Waxing eloquent, crescendoing to the main event, like if it were a movie, you could almost hear the orchestra music.

But like any climax, especially the ones, brought on by self. There is the head bowed contemplation, if that was really necessary.

Wonder if the following ever occurs to Robert? Of confessing to murder in print and implicating his boss, who “ordered” the hit in the first place.

That maybe, in hindsight, an out of the womb, grown fetus in a bunker did not impose an immediate threat, therefore making it unconstitutional.

Which in hearing the voice that relays this story, took on a reticent melancholy tone and no more hoo-haas, that preceded in the previous chapters.

Having also broken the “unwritten” code of taking credit as an individual, for what the whole “team” “accomplished”, distancing himself from his comrades.

I guess when the fever pitch of the previous administration, failed to kill the bogeymen that allegedly masterminded the (inside job) attacks on merikkka.

It was sustained in some hearts and smaller minds that retribution was a necessary means of soul cleansing to heal an open wound.

Which led to the bravado bragging of his / Seal Team # ? / Obama’s / American taxpayer’s kill.

While Robert may have been celebrated, receiving momentary and monetary accolades, am guessing in the end, there will be no karmic reward.


Just an observation

Maybe I need different glasses.

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