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Even The Blind Can See

October 30, 2020

The deaf can hear

The mute can say

That Donald does not

Want to be President


Nor did he want

To be the first time


The celebrity consumed

Want him to be

To satiate some twisted

Collective Freudian

Daddy need issues

On a dark deserted

Ignorant Island

Lord of the flies

Sort of way

Every action is either

Self-serving Deceptive

Or both

Nothing even remotely

Representing leadership

Even after numerous failed






– release taxes (nope)

– Mexico pay for wall (nope)

– better health care plan (none)

– not to golf (283 times so far)

– reduce national debt / Up 5T (Trillion)

Tallied over 22,000 false or misleading claims

And yet, these leader less lemmings

Want to keep handing him the conch

Because they can not see

The forest through the trees

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