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The Opposite Equivalent

March 12, 2021

Of a Dead Head sticker

On a Cadillac must be

A painted economy car

All over with tRump 2024


With the combined appeal

Of Jim Jones & David Koresh

A large and insignificant group

Praying to a messianic moron


Who manifested power from

Distraction and deception

Like a magician guiding his

Audience around the illusion


Who could no more pull a

Rabbit out of a hat then to

Declare a truth before almost

Immediately contradicting it


Still followers like to follow

Even as the lit warning signs




But alas the Kool-aid is gone

The compound is in flames

Yet like lemmings into a lake

It’s their soul they will forsake


All that because I saw some

Frugal Ford saturated with

Sad very sad signage as if

Larger letters would sell shit


I need a hobby…… besides this one


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin

From → humor, random

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