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September 8, 2021

No more abortions

Just one caveat though……..

IF…..IF….The intended intention
Is intent on saving a fetus

It must include every stage
Prenatal postnatal in utero or
Out of the womb, preschool
Postgraduate and………
Before the grave.

“We’re pro-life.” It’s like, well what does that make me? You know what I mean? You’re so pro-life! You’re so pro-life, do me a fucking favor. Don’t block med clinics, okay? Lock arms, and block cemeteries. Let’s see how fucking committed you are to this premise.

“She can’t come in.”
“She’s ninety-six, she was hit by a bus!” “There’s options!”

“What, do we got to have her stuffed? What are you talking about, she’s dead!”

“We’re pro-life, get her out of that casket! Get her out! She’s not going, we’re pro-life people. There’ll be no death on this planet.”

– Bill Hicks

It is sad, when a hyperbolic example has to be used to make a point, when simple logic and reason would work. Her body, her choice.

Thank Bill, now back to my rant.

(One doesn’t spend most of their life,  thinking they ought to have been aborted, without manifesting counter-arguments)

To my best perceived understanding the after six weeks time-line is that when a collection of dividing cells develops a cardiac pulse, (not a heart beat, duh), but a cardiac pulse, is when the law kicks in to save that pulse. 

Side note, on an excessively long post. If the goal is to preserve life, euphemistic language that takes the life out of life, must be reconsidered. Sounds like a sporty electric car. The all new important Cardiac Pulse.

That is when the consistency *”should” start. Immediately eliminating the death penalty and dismantling the military industrial complex.  Both in which government funded hypocrisy is at its finest. 

*Shoulds’ come only from leftover thinking. If we are truly in this moment (the only one there really is), we don’t should on ourselves.

It’s a great freedom.

Kelly Corbet

The loose loophole that takes a circuitous route around the Constitution, (oopsie) is that.

The new law bans all abortions—including in cases of rape or incest—after six weeks, a period in which many women aren’t even aware that they’re pregnant. It also circumvents many legal challenges by allowing abortion providers and anyone who aids someone seeking an abortion to be sued by private citizens, who can potentially be rewarded with $10,000 plus legal fees.


Sticking with the consistency platform anyone in the military or in the death row department of a state “correctional” facility (we’ll get to gun owners later) can also be sued. Their job is also to perform post natal out of the womb abortions. At……the taxpayers expense.  Oopsie.

Think of how much money could be converted towards the availability of health care, child care and education if the collective didn’t spend 25% of their income on state sponsored killing machines. Damn, we could probably feed everyone too.

Consider how many parents and recruiters could be sued for convincing teenagers into going into a field solely intent on performing abortions. Or in support of performing those abortions.  Usually of unwilling unaware participants with resources under their feet.

Those abortions will be banned too. Then an already morally bankrupt system could be completely bankrupted enough to start over, realize our individual and collective divinity.

Start fresh and learn how to take care of all the earth inhabitants as we are all in this together.

Speaking of Texas here’s a prevailing attitude.

“Texas has become ground zero for capital punishment. Between 1976 (when the Supreme Court lifted its prohibition on the death penalty) and 1998 Texas executed 167 people. Next in rank was Virginia which executed 60 during the same period.”


“The biggest difference between Texas and California. In Texas we have the death penalty……….and WE use IT !!!!!!!!

That’s right if you come to Texas and kill someone, we will kill you back. That’s our policy.


We’re trying to pass a bill right now through the Texas legislator that will speed up the process of execution in heinous crimes. Where there’s more then three credible eye witnesses.

If more than three people saw you do what you did, you don’t sit on death row for fifteen years Jack, you go straight to the front of the line.

Other states are trying to abolish the death penalty……my state is putting in an express lane.”

– Ron White

So much, for it being “illegal” to perform abortions.  Hmmmm.

Problem solved from a different direction.

Take that fuzzy ultrasound photo
To a group of hegemonic bankers
Point out a dark spot, then tell them it is
A valuable resource under the fetus’s feet

Not only will you get an abortion
They will get it done at the taxpayers expense
Plus you will get overwhelming support
If the name was going to be Terry

(Terry being a sly abbreviation for terrorist)

Hell, people you don’t even know will be
Waving flags and drinking beer.

Too bad there isn’t room for all this excessive sarcasm to go on a t-shirt, they’d be selling like Texas coathangers.

Fundamentalism breeds fundamentalists
Which in turn cross breed to get
Fundless mentals who want society
To pay for and fix what does not fit
In their compartmentalized minds

Regurgitating and reinforcing archetypes
That neither help or evolve humanity just
Ignorant entitlements clogging the courts
Whereas if they actually did something or
Helped someone a difference could be made

“Nevermind, that might be something Jesus would do”  – George Carlin

Beyond the basic emotional pocketbook hypocrisy, I do not understand what the big deal is. According to Helen Wambach in her book ‘Life Before Life” the ‘Soul” doesn’t enter the body until it wants too, right up until right before “birth”.

(I’m paraphrasing, it has been a while since I read it.)

Think of it as a car on a lot at a dealership, except you “buy” that “vehicle” for life.

Maybe a soul checks it out, kicks the tires, and realizes, based on the manufacturer and the parts used, it is going to be a lemon.

The “car” is still there for someone else to buy, but it is still only a vehicle for an earthly realm inhabitant to get around in.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

That was a long one, thanks for reading.

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  1. sad puppy permalink

    As ever, blowing our minds. Saying things in a way that we know but can’t express. Thank you for being a voice of reason! And so much more.

    I could pick out so many stanzas but just chose one:

    “Fundamentalism breeds fundamentalists
    Which in turn cross breed to get
    Fundless mentals who want society
    To pay for and fix what does not fit
    In their compartmentalized minds”

    Pure poetry

    Liked by 1 person

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