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Airport Musings

December 13, 2021

At the airport

If a thief stole your

Murse or purse

If you shouted

There’s a bomb

In there

Who would get

In more trouble?

Nevermind… that is
A rhetorical question
To lead this post
As that would be an
Untestable theory
Any way in anyway

Flying in and of itself is fun

When you realize you are
Voluntarily stepping in to
A large aluminum tube
Crammed with other people
Breathing the same
Clean *cough sniffle* air

That is about to be
Suspended in the atmosphere
At either side of 600 mph
Amongst the clouds
Over a spinning sphere
Hurling through the cosmos
At over one million MPH
Before slowing down quickly
To land miraculously safe

Looking smugly down at
Big and little boxes around
Gray lines filled with toy cars
While self testing your
Geographical knowledge

Planning and packing is good
Wondering what you will forget
Getting up early is the best part
Driving to the airport whilst
Constantly calculating time as
Check-ins are getting easier
Now largely void of humans

Even waiting as you eat the
Most expensive breakfast
You’ll ever eat is okay too

Be damned the captive consumer


“First thing on my list tonight… airport security. Tired of this shit. There’s too much of it; there’s too much security at the airport.


Haven’t found anything yet! Haven’t found one bomb in one bag! And don’t tell me “well, the terrorists know their bags are gonna be searched so now they’re leaving their bombs at home.” There are no bombs.

The whole thing is f*cking pointless! And it’s completely without logic! There’s no logic at all!

They’ll take away a gun, but let you keep a knife! Well what the f*ck is that? In fact, there’s a whole list of lethal objects they will allow you to take on board.

Theoretically, you could take… a knife, an ice pick, a hatchet, a straight razor, a pair of scissors, a chainsaw, 6 knitting needles, and a broken whiskey bottle, and the only thing they’re gonna say to you is “that bag has to fit all the way under the seat in front of you.”


Airport security is a stupid idea, it’s a waste of money, and it’s only there for one reason, to make white people feel safe. That’s all. The illusion, the feeling and illusion of safety cause the authorities know they can’t make an airplane completely safe; too many people have access.”

– George Carlin
“Airport Security”
Performed prior to “9/11”

Though it is absolutely relevant today.

Regardless of what color anyone’s epidermis is, I am not sure how any individual can feel safe, when they have essentially been forced to remove their shoes and belt.

Marched through a full body screening device with almost bare feet planted on specific markings as you are told to raise your arms into a pseudo torture position, hoping your unbelted pants don’t fall off.

At the same time you are separated from your identity… *keys, wallet and phone. Being rolled and conveyed through its own routine** screening.

Keys – protecting “things” you “borrow” & love
Wallet – holding ID & money to keep traveling
Phone – showing your only “boarding” “pass”

As you won’t be able to keep an eye on it or run after it.  So safe and secure. Where is the psyche safety in that?? A commonplace violation is still a violation.

Compelled chronologically by artificial necessity to be at a location that you might otherwise travel to another way.

Routine, as how could anyone possibly stay alert after watching various shades of gray on a screen for hours on end while mindlessly chit-chating with coworkers who would obviously rather be anywhere else.

Other than having found a government job that has been layered into the economy so people have things to do to feed their family.

Which will always continue to add layers upon layers because people keep adding people to the economy as a matter of routine. Even though their spawn may wind up in careers of guiding their fellow cattle through a series of fences and conveyer belts.

For the brief sensation of flying in an aluminum tube.

Please put your tray tables up and your setback forward.

Thank you for traveling Convoluted Air

Hope you enjoyed this flight.

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