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I Love Music

December 14, 2021

It is music to my ears
Even Christmas music


It regurgitates an already
Indoctrinated message
By a wide array of artists
In various genres
Of celebrating the birth
Of a teacher

Instead of his teachings
Of peace and forgiveness
Helping the poor
Healing the sick
Comforting the infirmed

Slipping in that “that” baby
In-different circles would
Be considered a bastard
Was a king or lord that
Will somehow reign
Forever and ever

Where though….oh yeah
On that invisible throne
Somewhere in the clouds
But…only if you believe
I believe that is called
The Tinkerbell effect

All because some book
That was written long ago
With inaccuracies and
Misinformation edited
By kings for convenience
And you guessed it… control

Teachers don’t rule
They guide
With the humility such
That properly taught
The students will
Carry on the lessons


The choir is too busy
Singing incantations
Of sacrificing one’s divinity

For and from an impossible birth
Forget the alleged miracle part
Of immaculate conception

I’m talking about being born
As a white Caucasian from
A place where there were
How can I put this
………………No Caucasians



Initiating a child’s
First disassociaton
Of parental rules to
Be kind respectful but
Wary of strangers into

Go sit on that man’s lap
Tell him your consumption
Of electronics and plastic
Landfill fill fatal fantasies

Who is supposedly adhering
To some morality clause by
Seeking behavior modification
Towards good yet merely control

Under an ever watching eye
When in reality we know he
Delivers more of that garbage
To rich kids then poor kids
Regardless their behavior

Not sure if that is what
Christ would do????

“Ever wonder why we are
Fucked up as a race?”

– Bill Hicks

Enjoy the music

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