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December 16, 2021

Unlike the well worn cliche
History will not judge us

If you can picture killing someone
While committing suicide or

Planting a seed while
Birthing a baby

You will understand Einstein’s theory
That everything is happening all at once

Making history what it is
A word the collective made up

Like all of the other words
Good, bad, God, Satan and orange

Threw that in since orange
Doesn’t rhyme with anything

Which we really could if we wanted to
Like the numbers we made up also

Just inquire with a search engine
Something like when did zero (0) appear

History is one of those words
That was made up to placate

Our sensations that somehow
Everything occurs linearly

Fortifying the fantasy that there
Was a beginning therefore an end

When deep in your soul
You know that is not true

Yet it allows us to play the game
On the journey each has chosen

In a useless parameter in infinity to
Maybe modify some current behavior

I wish I knew where this stuff
Comes from or if it makes sense

To anyone anywhere at all
I guess History will be the judge


Where this should have stopped.

Ahh Scheisse

Now I remember where it came from
An alleged news broadcast where

Info is used by distract not inform
I heard some commentator make a

Loose lipped crazy comment that history
Will judge us if we don’t save democracy

Really. Really. I am now so afraid of how
History will judge us to save something

That we made up which doesn’t work
Like its purported purpose is supposed to

Wouldn’t we be much better off if we contemplated the miracle that we are all made up of atoms and molecules that somehow coagulate into the appearance of humanoids and somehow we can communicate with each other to make all this stuff up in the first place. While traveling through the cosmos on a relatively comfortable green blue spaceship.

That might be historic.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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