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February 24, 2022

I would be a lot more amenable

To the personification of

A God force if it was not

Always referenced as a he

Him, father, lord, his, etc.

For a variety of reasons

First up, there is no balance

Look around see for yourself

By that bogus notion of power

Half of everything is excluded

Which is not at all how

The universe operates

For example w/o stretching

In electricity or plumbing

To connect things to work

Requires both male and female

Plugs and plug-ins

Pipes and fittings

If either of either are missing

The systems will not work

Or carpentry……. just ask

Jesus’s step dad Joseph

About tonge-and-groove

Mortise and tenon

Dovetail and box joints

Necessary to build homes

Plus home furnishings

One without the other and

It all falls apart quickly

Like a house of cards

A divine Parriarchy would work

“The combining form parri- is the gender independent equivalent to matri- and patri-, //

So you could use the term parriarchy  if you want a strict parallel with patriarchy and  matriarchy.

One difficulty is that parriarchy is not in wide circulation.”


The only reason I stumbled across it It was because I was looking for a linguistic way to communicate with clarity.

It is clear, but it doesn’t jump off the post, screaming to the unconscious with five alarm bells blaring it is time to wake up, or fall off our ever leaning comatose comfortable couch, ready to flip over and crush us.

Better yet would be egalitarianism.


: a belief in human equality especially with
Respect to social, political and economic
Affairs. (Key word being Respect)


Which even sounds cool and sophisticated
Without being pompous, elitist or exclusionary

Like..In the beginning, an egalitarian bestowed upon their creation a planet in the Goldilocks zone. To evolve at their own pace achieving each a peaceful loving divinity.

Think of where we might be, if we followed that fake story instead of the other fake story, full of manipulation control and senseless death, if you believed in the wrong God.

Where an invisible malignant magic mad man (allegedly omniscient) “created” infinity after floating aimlessly around in the abysmal void of nothingness. (Yeah, that’s plausible.)

Apparently, after resting, he lost all his magic powers out of his short abracadabra stick. Then he had to resort to surgery in crude conditions with no tools or hospital bed. To fix what he forgot in just the first week of existence.

Whereas, all the other fish, fowl, fauna, forestry and flowers each got their set of reproductive goodies.

That must be why men are always forgetting stuff, they were made in his “likeness”.

“To my mind, that is what’s known as being stunningly–and embarrassingly–full of shit.”

– George Carlin

The only guidance to these precious and special creatures was……

“You must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die”

– Genesis 2:17

Forgetting (once again) that the punishment will be the the genocidal muder by drowning of nearly all of their offspring. Including innocent children and pregnant women that some must have been carrying fetuses.

(Usual side note… See, God isn’t against abortion, he performed them himself, en masse.)

Ooopsie. Save, saving some drunk obedient divine ass kissing ship builder and family. Along with all the other animals who weren’t even involved. The fish would still be okay.


The characterization of God as a he
Is crammed into the collective’s unconscious
As a white male Santa Clause caricature type
Which is hardly even a percentile fraction
Of the whole colorful whole and technically
White is not even representative……Pink is

(Even the whitest albino biped is still pink)

That is because “Pink-power” immediately
Sounds as if it has no power. Think about it.

Pink supremacists simply falls flat.

Why is that?

Because not that long ago the collective somehow assigned specific colors to gender. For it is easier to compartmentalize nonsense into routine, neither for survival nor evolution, merely taught as trivia for distraction.

Perhaps that is why we are in the
Pre-apocalyptic conditions we are in is
Because the God pronouns are one-sided
Therefore out of balance

God as a man merely exemplifies
The peter principle of a supreme being rising to a level of incompetence and staying there.

“And by the way, I say “this guy”, because I firmly believe, looking at these results, that if there is a God, it has to be a man.

No woman could or would ever fuck things up like this.”

– George Carlin

No one is looking to remove and replace
An invisible farce with the opposite gender
That would still keep things off balance


Whether an APAKALOBCOL (All Powerful All Knowing All Loving Omniscient Being Creator Of Life) is male, female or even a they, the personification into an entity outside one’s self abdicates responsibility. It was God’s will.

“The God excuse.

The last refuge of a man with no answers and no argument, it came from god.

Anything we can’t describe, must have come from God.”

George Carlin

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Thanks for reading and reaching this far. I am unfortunately quite sure that my grammar and punctuation follow zero guidelines in my dismal ability to communicate something.

Besides driving professionally about the only thing I am good at, is beating and repeat beating of a dead dead horse to somehow make it deader, in the vaguest of thin hopes, along will come another observer to maybe maaaaaybeeeee catch the flimsy point I was trying to make. To which you might be amenable.


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