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Beginning. All Over Again

February 28, 2022

To the point of knowing
Everything is connected
Time does not exist and
Death is an illusion

Still, deeply indoctrinated myths
Overwhelm our simple psyche
Making it collectively impossible
To erase the imbedded mythology
Destroying, our combined evolution

Your mission folks, should you choose
To accept it, is ridiculous and silly.

However, it is fun to play with.

Take yourself back
To the alleged beginning
Where God is making stuff up
Literally out of nothing

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

Genesis 1 1-2

Oh wait, there was water, methinks that book has been edited and revised way to much.

Put yourself in the position of the “creator” since your ancestors were supposedly made in “his” image and likeness.

Think of this as a cosmological genealogy search. On an ancestral level, one can only go so far, usually because the early records were lost, in a big flood. A really big flood.

Ignoring the contradictory passage that states……

“Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image.”

Genesis 1 26

Oopsie, did God have a mouse in his pocket?

Excuse me, am ever distracted searching for the “truth” in this book, which is why am unable to make it much past Genesis without my head hurting. Maybe if I can beat this dead horse a little more, I can move on.

Back to the premise that you have all of this infinite power and magical abilities to make the universe, the way you would.

Would you remake it the same way?

Omniscience would seem to come from learning and remembering. Knowing what you know now. How would you create the universe?

Would you be so detached from your creations, that if they didn’t behave to your liking, having made them yourself, you could genocidally murder them by drowning all, including unicorns.

Except for the drunkard shipbuilder, his family and a few animals. (Key to living, drink more wine.)

If so, why the #uck would you do that?

It is one thing to be a frustrated artist and burn some canvas, because you spilled paint in the wrong spot, ruining your projected image. It is still highly unlikely you would burn the studio down. Or seek out paint manufacturers and destroy them, because they made the paint in the first place, that ruined your painting.

How is that for a communicative metaphor?

I get aggravated with my ability to communicate, however, am not cutting out my tongue, removing my fingers or chopping off my head. After all, once self awareness kicked in, am I not my own creation?

The impossible mission is to look around and realize, although this story was made up to control a simple, yet uncontrollable species. It lingers on in the base of the early mammalian brain stem, hindering our ability to evolve as brilliant sparks of the divine. Having to carry this deeply indoctrinated baggage.

Knowing that, where do we begin? Now?

Perhaps, realize that all is all, what is, is.

Though whatever (love to materialism) only lasts a moment, it also is infinitely everlasting, merely changes shape, in the perceived mind, either individual or collective.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Or a special divining rod to seek out water in the deep, beginning all over again, so that “next” “time”, I will not need any glasses.


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  1. wow permalink


    Super deep

    There are so many passages in scripture that you could riff on. Luke 26

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