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May 16, 2022

The proverbial they

They say

“Everything happens for a reason”

– They

But instead

The words reduce

God to man and

Elevate man to God

In illusionary knowledge

That one deciphers

What is perceived

In a momentary moment

Having a grand purpose

In the scheme of infinity

When it is merely

An event occuring

At a time and place

(Ah ha ha haha hehe ha)

Coinciding matter*

*(AKA waves and particles)

Observed by

Subjective perception

Through eyes and ears

Made up of the same

Waves and particles

That do not exist

In the first place

Unless they are

Being observed

At the moment

Moment to moment

The only un-provable proof

Is that when one is asleep

The universe disappears

Nothing exists at all

For what is perceived as

A five to six hour moment

Probably the first “thing”

That gets tossed out

Of that existential window

Is reason

Followed by materials

Worries, concerns

Time and space

So then….

Where does reason come from

Methinks it is to end boredom

Because it is boring to accept

Things are such as they are

Conjuring up justifications

Rather that fate is determined

By circumstance and coincidence

Or better yet by an invisible hand

Satiating “His” boredom therapy

(Better let Fred survive the car crash

He just adopted a rescue animal)

Meanwhile to accept that is to

Accept that, always occuring

Just for the human species

Eight billion times at all times

Leading to very poor reasoning

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

“For some reason I
Do not see things
The way other people
See things”

– Angelo Devlin

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