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May 27, 2022

I do not understand why

There are school shootings

When twice a year for

Extra long weekends

Society celebrates with

Cooking weenies and burgers

Drinking beer and waving flags

To honor older children for

Killing more children who just

Happened to be wearing a

Different school (country) uniform

Not to mention all the daily discounts

Given to veterans for being

Involved in killing children

(Not all of them, but no discernment

Over which ones did or did not)

Hey, since this happened in Texas

Shouldn’t the shooter be in trouble for

Performing so many abortions at once

Where are the right to lifers now? Hmmm?

Probably at the gun store…stockpiling

Semiautomatic scalpels & firing forceps

Maybe, as a gesture of compassion

The NRA could give the victims families

The same pillows given to congress

That helps them sleep better at night

Regardless of how much blood

They have on their hands

Minus the stash of cash it comes with

……..Will need that for the reelect-ease

Jeez…..for such a “Christian” nation

Can not find in any book where

Jesus fed or healed people with

An automatic assault rifle

“And the Lord saw the mass of people

Gathering to hear his message but

There was not enough food so Jesus

Whipped out his AK 47 and mowed

Most of them down, so the remaining few

Could have a nice lunch and hear him”

Hypocrisy 5: 2-4

“I didn’t come here to be
Jesus the Miracle Caterer”

– Sam Kinison

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

From → Bible, dark, Paradox, random, WMD's

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