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Juxtaposition Jurisdiction

June 30, 2022

My communication skills
May be all for naught
If there is a dead horse
To be beaten
I can beat that dead horse
So dead
You won’t know it was a horse

Which, besides driving, is about
The only thing I am good at

The protection afforded / legislated
To a microscopic dot inside a body
Like a cancer cell feeding of its host
Gets way more unabashed attention
Then it deserves compared to the outside
Of the body where freewill still resides

Where one can cut, curl, color, not wash, tease, lengthen and straighten their hair.

Ink, tan, bleach, scar their skin wherever the needle, sun, chlorine or knife can go.

Pierce, their ear, nose, mouth, bellybutton, cooch, junk.

Inject silicone or saline in the front or back. Force enough collagen in the lips to look like two inner tubes.

All because one is “free” to do so.

The protection ends when the born being leaves the cave, having been forced to stay, till it has to leave. Then it is basically one’s property to do with, whatever you want or can.

You can spank it, strike it, leave it in a hot car, give it too much food, or not enough, throw it in a dumpster. Deceive it, indoctrinate with local customs and beliefs. Drug it, shake it, mutilate it. It is yours to do what you will.

Whether or not you have the means to do so.
Help, is not on its way. You can even risk sending it to an institution where it can get shot and bleed out.

Because the “law” basically enforces the right that every grown fetus has access to weapons. Regardless of mental stability or reason for purchase.

The projected potentials are way loftier than the realistic realities of limited options.

Every fetus has the potential to become President*, a famous actor, star athlete or a doctor who cures cancer. Which may or may not be true, however……

Could also become a widget maker in a hot factory, a road kill collector, drug addicted criminal or serial killer. All potentials. Just not the ones used to entice the mother to be to keep carrying.

* Not even sure why President, makes such a short list, with all its trappings of abuses of power, riddled with inherent corruption.

If Lady Justice’s eyes weren’t blinded and the scales tipped, am quite sure the last ten or so, (or all 46) would be charged, convicted and sentenced for war crimes, or crimes against humanity.

Where and when, if circumstances are manipulated (not selecting the previous administration’s justice, through childish delays) he (so far) can stack the court to reflect the president’s hatred for women and homosexuals.

For generations to come, not outright legalization to muder and remove, but enough of a wink and a nod, that harassment, disrespect and violence are encouraged.

“Catholics and other Christians are against abortions, and they’re against homosexuals. Well who has less abortions than homosexuals?!

Leave these fucking people alone, for Christ sakes! Here is an entire class of people guaranteed never to have an abortion! And the Catholics and Christians are just tossing them aside! You’d think they’d make natural allies. Go look for consistency in religion.”

– George Carlin

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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