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September 5, 2022

My motoring muse has presented me with yet another muddled message to play with. In the form of a Pro-birth billboard. By Pro-birthers.

Who always seem to have fresh money to keep putting up crisp new graphically detailed brightly colored well lit passive income producers. Hmmm.

Those marketing mavens are clever sonsabitches aren’t they, always manipulating a message to generate profit.

The latest one depicts a picture of an airbrushed glowing pink pixilated fresh fetus.

(They must be able to afford expensive hi-tech cameras, all the ones I have ever seen are black and white and very grainy).

Anyway, that large fetus (not actual size) picture is next to another (not actual size) picture of a diamond. With the statement and a question:

Both have the same weight, which has more value?

Hmmm? Must be a trick question. Because of soooooo maaaany variables not presented on the billboard. Am going to have to put my thinking cap on.

FYI (so you might keep reading) I am all in favor of making sure every fetus, makes it out of the womb safely. Every one, all over the earth, to experience what this dense dimension has to offer. Methinks that they just not need to be planted in the first place.

“Too many people
causing too many
problems, not enough
love to go around.”

– Genesis

“Land of Confusion”

Quite frankly, am all for not murdering any human beings, regardless of the euphemistic language used to conceal the truth.

“The CIA doesn’t kill anybody anymore, they neutralize people…or they depopulate the area.”

– George Carlin

Having an abortion, sounds like you tried the Avocado Bacon Onion Radish Taco at the new delicatessen across the street.

Now back to the value question. Since the comparison is to that of a diamond đź’Ž. It must be the diamond.

After all, for example, it takes many adolescents to teenagers working in prison / slave like conditions to mine the diamonds in Africa. All because people have been indoctrinated to believe that a shiny rock, cut creatively is worth doing that kind of stuff to human beings for.

For further consideration, diamonds are transported in small vehicles with armed guards. Students are driven in old busses by poorly paid drivers.

Diamonds are kept in a cool environment, well lit with individual attention to make sure they shine. Students are often packed in cramped quarters in excessive heat, overseen by an underpaid individual responsible for their outcome, with competing rules and difficult parents.

Every billboard is built, and used by whoever wishes to generate or increase income, no matter what. Hotels, gas stations, banks, radio stations, websites, etc. All for more money.

The billboard you will not see, is the one rented by the construction company, (again, used to create future revenue on solicited projects) thanking the Pro-birthers for using company x to build the new foster home’s children center and day care.

Why spend that billboard generated income on putting money where their mouth is, when it is easier to tug at the heart strings of the congregation to kick in for yet another billboard? To justify where a tiny portion of the donations go, the rest going to the bank. Or pockets of the pastors and priests.

With some weightless trick question. Fooling themselves, they are actually doing something.

Maybe, and I doubt this is true, but will consider it. Maybe I am just jealous, that all my clever use of words doesn’t generate $#@t.

But then again, this would be unreadable on a billboard going by at 80 mph.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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  1. Howie permalink

    I never thought about that before. The slimy advantage the billboard sellers are taking of people, maybe especially those with “causes,” convincing them how important it is to get their messages “out there.” How it makes a difference. Would be great to see the stats on if anyone ever changes their mind or opinions based on what they see on a billboard. Might sell some fastfood or gas to know something’s up ahead, but does it do anything about values? Seems unlikely. But as I learn from you, the Word works in mysterious ways.

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