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January 25, 2023

“The reason I talk to myself is that I’m the only one whose answers I accept.”

– George Carlin

I know that, with my communication skill, most of my communications kill, any message, thought, idea, scenario, story, that I might attempt to convey.

Still, the mere idea, that anything can be communicated at all, is absolutely miraculous. Given each individual’s subjective experience, like learning, knowing and using, a word such as miracle.


2 : an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing or accomplishment

– *

Which many like to attribute to *1: “divine” intervention, when merely having an idea with the compulsion to express it to another human being is *1: an extraordinary event.

Me writing this for instance. WHY??? (Save, some solipsistic amusement.) I have no idea.

Let alone, how chemical reactions occurring in my cranium, decide to trigger nerve endings through some (CPU) central processing unit. Which travel down my arms through my fingers to type words, instantaneously corresponding with what my eyes see. Guess what, it makes sense to me.

(I could not type this, without them being open…….. I’ve tried.)(Maybe, if I had a “real” keyboard, instead of an electronic one.)

In the vaguest of hopes, that someone else will read this and maybe make sense of it all, basically in a reverse process. Minus the arms and hands, although you may be holding a phone. Just eyes and brains.

It is a miracle. Considering also, that as this post was manifesting in my mind, in my body, through my fingers, onto a screen. The planet was rotating and hurling through space, so where it originated can not be found, because it happened……..back there. Thousands of miles away and who knows how many rotations, by time you read this, or even while I reread this to proofread what I wrote. Whew.

Which in a very odd way, leans towards the impossible proof of Einstein’s theory that everything is happening all at once.

Same goes for everything existing infinitely. It just changes shape, malleable, along with the misinterpretations of my communication/s/kill.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


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  1. Darwin permalink

    Perhaps the impulse to communicate is more than any individual response. Maybe your faithful readers are pulling these words from you. Nature abhors a vacuum. 😉 The need from the nameless faceless multitudes causes each of us to endeavour all sorts of choices. The more in alignment we each are, the better our unified whole is. Maybe?

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  2. Maybe, sometimes I chase backwards, where my observations come from. In the meanwhile instead of getting there, get distracted by another observation, or play on words and get lost. Till words find there way here. Usually in some maladaptive scenario as to why words emanate from my fingertips. Wondering as I proofread, as to where the words came from in the first place.

    Faithful readers pulling these words from me, makes sense inasmuch as they are being drawn through me.

    Thanks for reading.


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