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Broad Side

February 24, 2023

This is a follow-up to
Confusion. Skirl. Period.

“That’s another complaint of mine: too much use of this prefix “pre.” It’s all over the language now: pre-this, pre-that, “place the turkey in a pre-heated oven…” It’s ridiculous! There are only two states an oven can possibly exist in: HEATED OR UNHEATED! Pre-heated” is a meaningless fucking term!”

– George Carlin

Sorry George

Just to pre-state
My pre-defense
Prior to the PC-Police
Prisoning my person
From the perceived
Poison of the use
Of the word “broad”

In the word broadcasters

Technically I guess
I was trying to be punny

However, I was not trying
To be sexist or misogynistic

Rather more gender equitable
By not using sexist monikers

Of the common usage of words
Like woman, female, she and her

Having that Handmaid’s Tale
Poor quality of being Of-men

Instead of the yin and yang nature
Balance that flowed out of the

Primordial ooze billions of years ago
Before the primitive patriarch took hold

Indoctrinating society into
Biblically believing that a

Bipedal earthling artist with the
Cosmic ability to birth babies

Somehow….. whose only existence
Came from the magic of men

When according to the “story”
Of an allegedly omniscient creator

Having made all of the plants and animals
With the appropriate reproductive goodies

Simply forgot to create an Eve
Likewise, later to sneak in Caine’s wife

Better known with minimal research
The first case of incest. God “forbid”. oops

Without the unnecessary rib surgery
To keep fixing his forgetful mistake


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