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Confusion. Skirl. Period.

February 24, 2023

Confusion begins on
The whimsical notion
That there is not any
Single word that has
A singular definition
Let alone a
Lone interpretation

Context may guide you
But if you hesitate for
Longer than a moment
You could easily get
Lost and confused

Wasting time using
A quick and popular
Search engine search
May get to the word skirl
With a single definition
Which is the sound

‘of a bagpipe : to emit the 
high shrill tone of the chanter”

However, quickly recontextualized
It could expand its meaning
To sort of mean something else

The skirl cacophony of
Rude and overlapping
Dialog of the broad*casters
(Really, no pun intended)
(Nevermind, pun intended)
On “The View” would send
Immediately hands covering
Their owner’s ears before
Running out of the room
To silence the skirl


Which is as simple as the dot
To end a sentence. But nooooo.

Meaning conclusion.

See…. simple.

Nope. Period has at least eight
Definitions with two or three
Subset explanations within each


To….sounds like two….or too (whew)


A two letter word with at least
Thirteen different definitions
Some with sub and subset
Definitions and content descriptions


Think to believe and know am I

And yet, we have the egotistical audacity to assume, when we speak or write, that the recipient of said communication will grasp in its entirety, the intended meaning.

Without a dictionary, a thesaurus, interpreters, therapists and lexicographers.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


Read also Broadside….next


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