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No Monopoly

April 4, 2023

On deception

Just different at the

Art of distraction

For audiences

Needing coercion

All because no one

Wants to consider

The left wing and

The right wing belong

To the same bird…

So each side

Tells their side

The other side

Is lying

To “their” side

Which is as bad as trying to follow

The logic of the following

“The following statement is true

The previous statement is false”

– George Carlin

Trouble is….. humans

Have an innate tendency

To believe what is heard first

Because the other tendency

Is not to question anything

Why……..because it is easier

Satiating the simplicity

So that they might slumber

On their comfy pillow

That has been oversold

The faux audience

Of the faux talking heads

Will never hear about

The Dominion lawsuit

From their faux news

Which according to rumor

Heresy, texts and emails

By other news outlets, Faux

Presented known falsehoods

For ratings, revenue and rhetoric


Likewise the other sides

Are just as bad from

The other direction

Only presenting information

That keeps your rapt attention

Teasing you with teasers

Not to inform you

Of your divinity

But rather to keep

You consuming commercials

Evolutionary news

Would point out similarities

Instead of our differences

But there is no profit in that

No money in that revolution

At least not immediately

Not until many more trips

Are taken around the board

When we realize it is just

A game we are playing

The money is fake

The boardwalk is empty

The trains don’t run on time

There’s a chance you’ll go to jail

Banks own the community chest

None of it is real or permanent

Save the solipsistic sensation

That illusionary immersion

Has convinced some otherwise

On its infinite and momentary importance

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


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