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Inclusion Conclusion

April 17, 2023


1. : the act of including, : the state of being included”


Not me, “I don’t want to belong to any group that would have me as a member.”

– Groucho Marx (attributed)

However, some people want and need, a need to be included.

What better, than to live up to the Rainbow’s intention of inclusion, than……to include…….everyone. Besides, there is already a plus (+) in the organization’s moniker, to include anyone left behind. Those who feel marginalized by society.

Perhaps LGBTQ+ brought in AOWMUOABL (Angry Old White Mem Upset Over A Beer Lable) to their group, they would feel better about themselves…….and not be so angry because they have been excluded from a group, that includes…….everyone.

Otherwise, it defeats their purpose to include everyone, if it doesn’t include everyone.

I can see it now, the Dixie flag, going from orange, blue and white to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, black, brown, white, pink, etc.

Next, we can all move on, to not have any flags of any separatist symbolism, only used to divide and manifest exclusion, distraction, fear, imperialism, control, etc.

Seeing as how we are all on this spaceship together, that we need to repair, so it will keep taking us through the cosmos.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Glasses, not so prismatic, so as to see everything in black and white, like apparently so many do.


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  1. Sam Khya permalink

    Yes please!!! I believe we should be aware of privileges that come with a particular system and we should create a system that is ever more merit-based regardless of any other kind of attributes, I also believe we can do that in a way that gets everyone working together towards that same goal. I don’t understand why a handful of people vie for victim status as the goal? It ultimately defeats their stated purpose, which then leads me to wonder if their purpose is actually different than they’re stating. (Hmmm). Maybe some just want the mayhem of chaos and need the mantle of exclusion to make that happen.

    As always, appreciate your deep views of these things!!!

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  2. Now, there is an all inclusive group. The victims of victimhood.

    Which does not exist in a non-hierarchical meritocracy.

    Instead, we’d rather bang our head with the definition of insanity, having been sold a bill of goods, that a democracy is the end all be all, best type of government.

    “When you’re stepping over a homeless guy on the sidewalk…

    Does it ever occur to you to think

    “Wow – maybe our system doesn’t work?!”

    – Bill Hicks

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