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It is not the job of

The talking heads

To give their opinion

Rather to cast upon

The audience the

Opinions that they

Did not know they had

Till someone told them

What it should be and how

With bizarre justifications

Stirring the pot of ignorance

To a rolling boil that

One can be offended

By one million humans

Crossing an invisible line

Bettering their situation

While no one objects to

The four million humans

Coming in from within

The melted pot itself

“To my mind, that is what’s known as being stunningly–and embarrassingly–full of shit.”

– George Carlin


There is no proof of proof

Only proof of belief

Which is impossible to prove

Inclusion Conclusion


1. : the act of including, : the state of being included”


Not me, “I don’t want to belong to any group that would have me as a member.”

– Groucho Marx (attributed)

However, some people want and need, a need to be included.

What better, than to live up to the Rainbow’s intention of inclusion, than……to include…….everyone. Besides, there is already a plus (+) in the organization’s moniker, to include anyone left behind. Those who feel marginalized by society.

Perhaps LGBTQ+ brought in AOWMUOABL (Angry Old White Mem Upset Over A Beer Lable) to their group, they would feel better about themselves…….and not be so angry because they have been excluded from a group, that includes…….everyone.

Otherwise, it defeats their purpose to include everyone, if it doesn’t include everyone.

I can see it now, the Dixie flag, going from orange, blue and white to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, black, brown, white, pink, etc.

Next, we can all move on, to not have any flags of any separatist symbolism, only used to divide and manifest exclusion, distraction, fear, imperialism, control, etc.

Seeing as how we are all on this spaceship together, that we need to repair, so it will keep taking us through the cosmos.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Glasses, not so prismatic, so as to see everything in black and white, like apparently so many do.

I Think It Is Great

That solipsism can not be
Proven nor disproven, yet
It exists as a contemplation
Because there is a word for it

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

So Small

Our infinitesimal insignificance

Is in direct juxtaposition to our

Astronomical egotistical arrogance

Not realizing we are so small

The dust speck of a speck of dust

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

Or an electron microscope….

– Angelo Devlin

No Monopoly

On deception

Just different at the

Art of distraction

For audiences

Needing coercion

All because no one

Wants to consider

The left wing and

The right wing belong

To the same bird…

So each side

Tells their side

The other side

Is lying

To “their” side

Which is as bad as trying to follow

The logic of the following

“The following statement is true

The previous statement is false”

– George Carlin

Trouble is….. humans

Have an innate tendency

To believe what is heard first

Because the other tendency

Is not to question anything

Why……..because it is easier

Satiating the simplicity

So that they might slumber

On their comfy pillow

That has been oversold

The faux audience

Of the faux talking heads

Will never hear about

The Dominion lawsuit

From their faux news

Which according to rumor

Heresy, texts and emails

By other news outlets, Faux

Presented known falsehoods

For ratings, revenue and rhetoric


Likewise the other sides

Are just as bad from

The other direction

Only presenting information

That keeps your rapt attention

Teasing you with teasers

Not to inform you

Of your divinity

But rather to keep

You consuming commercials

Evolutionary news

Would point out similarities

Instead of our differences

But there is no profit in that

No money in that revolution

At least not immediately

Not until many more trips

Are taken around the board

When we realize it is just

A game we are playing

The money is fake

The boardwalk is empty

The trains don’t run on time

There’s a chance you’ll go to jail

Banks own the community chest

None of it is real or permanent

Save the solipsistic sensation

That illusionary immersion

Has convinced some otherwise

On its infinite and momentary importance

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Like A Country

With its head

Hung low in shame

Its representative flag

Flies at half staff again

Need not wonder why

Just staff & students

Who did not need to die

Families only left to cry

Gurgling through

The crimson goo

With what is left

Of their last dying breath

No wonder they want

To save the fetus

Otherwise they will

Run out of targets

For everyone knows

They have the right

To be involved in a

One-sided gun fight

It doesn’t have to

Be like this

It is just that we can’t

Picture anything else

Civilized earthlings

Do not behave this way

Lest they are being

Distracted everyday

By keeping them

Living in fear

Is becoming

Abundantly clear

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Word Replacements

Not permanently, don’t worry

(No one is mandating the metric system yet)

Just long enough to think about

The context of ridiculousness

To which the following applies

Recently heard senator so and so

(In this case, they are interchangeable)

Was defending his racist policies

Because of his “deeply held religious beliefs”

Which is when that phrase

Seemed to give him an automatic pass

To the interviewer to accept that

With unquestioning legitimacy

Of ironically un-Christlike behavior

Hint: there were no Caucasians

In Bethlehem 2K23 years ago

Now there, for historical accuracy

Might be an image worth replacing

Interviewer: “Oh yes, society as a whole abhors your policies, but since you can preface them with words that defer to a conviction, based on nothing.

Save, generational indoctrination via many pastoral presentations, through book revisions, re-writings and translations from nearly dead unrecognizable languages, I won’t press the issue.”

However, instead of deeply held religious beliefs, they said they introduced policy because of a lightly considered Warlock dream they had, or anything else the interviewer would have read them the riot act.

Either, or both have the wrongfulness in the outcome of the morality towards treating fellow bipedal earthling artists, in a way that elevates and progresses our collective evolution, unfortunately the former goes, without question.


Because no one wants to question their own beliefs. That’s too scary. People would discover as Bill Hicks said:

“It is interesting to see how people act on their beliefs, you know what I mean. Because your beliefs are just that, they are just how you were taught and raised. That doesn’t make them real.”

I know my beliefs, are just that, beliefs. Which are as fluid and malleable to my surroundings and constantly in flux.

Which, thanks to Bill, need to be questioned infinitely as to how they apply in the treatment of myself (other people reflecting back, who I am) outside of my self.

“Now, believe is a word that I have a serious problem with, right, because it has a “Lie” in the middle.

“DNA” Descendant Now Ancestor

– John Trudell

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Too Close To The Mirror

To see our ugly reflection

Staring us in the scarred face

Under cold fluorescent lights

We turn away to point a finger

For the crimes against humanity

With the International Criminal Court

When we see what Putin does

To the Sovereign Ukrainians

But when Bush did the same

To the Iraqis, that didn’t look as bad

Because from that there perspective

It was done for God and country

May 20, 2022, 4:41 PM EDT

By Ahmed Twaij, journalist, filmmaker and doctor

“Former President George W. Bush has finally, if unintentionally, admitted his error in invading Iraq nearly 20 years ago. While attempting to scold Russian President Vladimir Putin for his ruthless invasion of Ukraine, Bush accidentally condemned his own actions.

At an event at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas on Wednesday, the former president called out “the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq.” He quickly corrected himself, saying, “I mean Ukraine,” but he proceeded to chuckle and mutter “Iraq, too” under his breath to laughter from the audience. It’s true that had his gaffe not reflected reality, it would have almost been comedic. But as a child of Iraqi migrants, the distasteful sniggering by the man who launched a war resulting in at least 800,000 estimated Iraqi deaths and the displacement of millions more is nothing short of despicable.”

We knew deep down inside like the oil wells

Halliburton was about to dig it was

For our own self interest of the “economy”

But, where else would we be without

Our AMSOC (AMerican SOCIalism)

The clever ruse of AMIMP (imperialism)

On the redistribution of wealth

Back and forth between the government

Of connected in cahoots corporations

Disguised as defending democracy by

Building weapons of mass destruction

All the way from aircraft carriers

To bombs, bulldozers and body bags

Keeping the Proletariat busy with “jobs”

So they can in turn buy more stuff

With their meager after tax leftovers

Meanwhile it is all laid out in

“The Prosecution of an American President”

By Vincent Bugliosi

Just need one Attorney’s General to file an indictment….

George essentially confessed in that Freudian slip, less than a year ago. Grab some handuffs. Quite sure there are no statute of limitations on war crimes.

Anyone…..yoohoo…..I’m waiting……

Ah fuck.

Then we would see what is in the mirror.

Which technically we wouldn’t even see

At least not for very long thanks to all

Of the distraction make-up we apply

In the face of scandal, immigration

Abortion, fake fear gun confiscation

Race relation and gender manipulations

Any attempts to fix farcical education

Oops, almost forgot…….

“If you become
The leader of the land,
For murder is the sport
Of the elected,

And you don’t need to lift
A finger of your hand

Because it’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.
Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your A, B, C, D, E,………”

The Police

Millions dead, on our watch, that you and I paid for, with our tax dollars, at the very least makes us unwitting accomplices. Maybe that is why our beer drinking buddy George won’t serve any time, because then we would have to also.

“I write to expunge the darkness so
That someday light may shine through”

– Angelo Devlin

Sensational Spin






“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

– Dr Wayne Dyer

Good thing Tucker Carlson was not given any raw or documentary type footage of the Milwaukee cannibalistic mass murders.

Otherwise people and the families of the victims, might be lead to believe, Jeffrey Dahmer simply invited guests over for dinner.

Therefore it wasn’t Jeffrey’s fault, for there being a breakdown in communication. See, he invited them over for dinner. Not knowing they were the main course. Ooopsie.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Where this should have stopped.

Nope, not dark enough.

Perhaps, Tucker Carlson was not the best person to hand over this January 6th material to. Sitting alone as the master in the booth, watching the unpatriotic porn. Spinning dials, pushing levers and pulling knobs, while debating which scenes to cut and or release.

Fantasizing he was at the capital, rifling through Nancy Pelosi’s desk drawers, trying to oddly address his mommy issues. So that he might continue with his on air, smug, holier-than-thou “not too racist” persona, in need of daddy approval.

With his soul dead, deadpan delivery, that screams of needing attention both inside and outside, that along with his cohorts need to maintain the mayhem for the money. Within the echo chamber of the filtered bubble.

“I write to expunge the darkness so
That someday light may shine through”

– Angelo Devlin

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