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Destructive Device

If the right destructive device came along that has no Achilles heel. One as such, that no army could defeat. No weapon would work to counter its offense. Historically and futuristically  provable. One that would consciously or circumstantially force you to alter your thinking and feeling about your fellow human beings. That will experience the same demise whether you band together or not. At least you would have come to understand their similar fears, beliefs, loves, families, griefs, hopes and dreams.

That destructive device is called.

“Dreamer” Ozzy Osbourne

Gazing through the window
at the world outside
Wondering will mother earth survive
Hoping that mankind
will stop abusing her

After all there’s only just the two of us
And here we are still fighting for our lives
Watching all of history repeat itself
Time after time

I’m just a dreamer
I dream my life away
I’m just a dreamer
Who dreams of better days

I watch the sun go down
like everyone of us
I’m hoping that the dawn
will bring a sign
A better place for those
Who will come after us …

This time

I’m just a dreamer
I dream my life away oh yeah
I’m just a dreamer
Who dreams of better days

Your higher power may be
God or Jesus Christ
It doesn’t really matter much to me

Without each others help
there ain’t no hope for us
I’m living in a dream of fantasy
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

If only we could all just find serenity
It would be nice if we could live as one
When will all this anger, hate and bigotry …

Be gone?

I’m just a dreamer
I dream my life away
I’m just a dreamer
Who dreams of better days
I’m just a dreamer
Who’s searching for the way
I’m just a dreamer
Dreaming my life away
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah


Bad Breath

The vile-ness

That spews

Under my breath

Is getting louder

Or my hearing

Is getting worse

Either way

Must scope

Out the problem

Keeping my mouth

Closed might work

Pour some antiseptic

On the bacteria

Infecting my brain

It produces

To kill the dis-ease

Hoping to hamper

The horrific halitosis

Hindering my humanity

The Anatomy Of Anger

The truth is tangled

The mind is mangled

The lips purse

The tongue ties

The throat’s parched

The stomach churns

The acids reflux

The nostrils flare

The ears perk

The fists clench

The knuckles crack

The teeth knash

The head bumps

The bones creak

The face flushes

The hair bristles

The voice raises

The eyes pierce

The pupils constrict

The sphincter tightens

The “funny” bone pains

The heels dig

The toes curl

The heart hardens

The blood boils

The veins pop

The lungs expand

The chest puffs

The brow furrows

The temples pound

The arms swing

The hips sway

The muscles tense

The arteries flow

The elbow jabs

The forearm wrestles

The shoulders blade

The foot kicks

The knee jerks

The wrists turn

The finger flips

The nails scratch

The legs firm

The ankle twists

The nose twitches

The hair pulls

The spine tingles

The ego bruises



Is it any wonder

I’m so #ucking


A Clever Meme

“The opposite of a profound truth is

another profound truth”  – Niels Bohr 







A clever meme

With creative graphics

Contrasting colors

Witty expressions

Quotation marks

Storytelling scenes

Does not a truth make

Truth is not a science

It is only a perception

Like any of your beliefs

Audio visual olfactory

Tactile and taste guide


Those senses are subject

To suggestion and sway

Fastidiousness and fray

Audio can be tested by

Playing the telephone game

With just three people

And five words

What gets back to you

Will not be the “truth” you said

Regardless what you

Articulately whispered

Could look for a visual truth

It is said that your eyes

Can play “tricks” on you like

A “Mirage” in the dessert

When sleep deprivation

Can provide the same

Hallucinating reality between

Deciphering holograms

In a statedly conscious

Unconscious state


Trial before Pilate from Jesus Christ SS

I look for truth and find that I get damned.

– JC

What is truth?  
Is truth unchanging law?

We both have truths.
Are mine, the same as yours?

– Pilate

Reinterpreted via – Andrew Lloyd Weber

That must be what

It all boils down to


Your truth

My truth

Naked truth

Whole truth

Half truth

Hidden truth

Inconvenient truth

God’s truth

Honest truth

Honest to God’s truth

So help me God’s truth

Like God

Truth Is open to interpretation

It is in the eye of the beholder

Or perhaps hearts and minds



“And That’s the Truth”


– Lily Tomlin


The world outside


Is not a world

Outside our self’s



It is a mirrored


Tiny aspects

Of the whole



Linear sequencing

Momentary events

Enhance knowledge

Clarify understanding



Not without duty

A price will be paid

Sacrifices cost

Rewards evanesce



Must not remain

Inside where it is warm

When it gets as cold

As the world outside



Attention Bank Robbers

Jewel thieves

Car jackers


Keep doing what you are doing

Should you get caught red handed

You can use metaphysical science

And presidential precedent to plea

Not guilty

Just surround yourself with enough

Noodniks, lawyers and hangers-on

To make your innocence case for you

On the inferred suggestion intimated

That hints you may share the booty

Or perhaps get to drive the stolen car

Or wear the shiny diamond for a time

Play with the “power and prestige”

Even though it was ill gotten gain

If as they say you can’t take it with you

Which seemingly applies to everyone

Therefore no one “owns” anything, right?

Henceforth making it impossible to steal

Besides that, all you would have to do is

Make them “define” “money” should you

Have duffle bags full of what was “stolen”

Prosecutor: you were caught with 2m worth of cash in your bags

Defendant: those are just rectangular pieces of cloth with ink on them

Prosecutor: they have value assigned to them by the treasury

Defendant: still regardless, how the cloth is printed, costs are the same

Prosecutor: yes, but society has agreed these have values of exchange

Defendant: understood, however the insurance will replace it therefore it is like it was never missing.



Judge : You have a point.  Not Guilty.

Ethics Morality And Truth


The first three things

Thrown out of the

Economic window

Of ivory towers

Guarded by the wolf

In wolf’s clothing


The sheep bleet nonsense

In a dull rhythmic hum

Drifting in like a

Soft hallelujah chorus

Mixed in with the
Clinking of counted coins

The lilt of laughter

Suffocating the stench

Of greed and corruption

The above triggered the below

Perchance ivory towers mentioned

Or vice-versa impossible sequencing

When everything is happening at once



“Be Quick Or Be Dead”

“Covered in sinners and
Dripping with guilt
Making your money
From slime and from filth

Parading your bellies
in ivory towers
Investing our lives in
Your schemes and your powers

You got to watch them
 – be quick or be dead
Snake eyes in heaven
 – the thief’s in your head


See… what’s ruling all our lives
See… who’s pulling the strings…

I bet you won’t fall on your face
Your belly will hold you in place

The serpent is crawling
Inside of your ear
He says you must vote for
what you want to hear

Don’t matter what’s wrong
As long as you’re alright
So pull yourself stupid and
Rob yourself blind

You got to watch them
 – be quick or be dead
Snake eyes in heaven
 – the thief’s in your head


Be quick… or be dead!
Be quick!”

– Iron Maiden