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We May Soon Realize

It was not Brett Kavanaugh

Or Christine Blasey Ford

That were technically on trial

Rather the two halves of

Society at large at this time

Manifestations of yin and yang

Pawns in a game of distraction

From our intended evolution

Archetypes we must recognize

So we can free ourselves from

The same rut we get stuck in

Sacrificing our power to power

Knowing that woman and man

Males and females girls and boys

All come from the same place

One place………..Mothers

And should be recognized as such

Whether the seed was

Planted mistakenly (usually the case)

(Accidentally does not apply)

Or with loving intention that

Two people are going to take

The infinitely responsible task

Of nurturing and guiding this

Limitless capability being that

Just traversed time and space

To be a citizen of the world

Regardless of gender or race

One that doesn’t have to fail/fail

To his aggressive tendencies

Excused as boys will be boys

Nor being a fragile princess

That “needs” to be protected

Cause society deems that role

Upon the future may be mother

Lots of work to do

Let us start now


In Light

Or darkness

Of the new


A new

Statue of Lady Justice

Has been commissioned

The blindfold is gone

The scales are tipped over

She is lying on her back

A swimsuit under the robe

With a hand over her mouth

Shadowed by men laughing

Displayed in Gilead Square

“See The Woman”

See the woman

She has a young face
An old face
She carries herself well

In all ages
She survives all man has done

In some tribes she is free
In some religions
She is under man
In some societies
She’s worth what she consumes

In some nations
She is delicate strength
In some states
She is told she is weak
In some classes
She is property owned

In all instances
She is sister to earth
In all conditions
She is life bringer
In all life she is our necessity

See the woman eyes
Flowers swaying
On scattered hills
Sundancing calling in the bees

See the woman heart
Lavender butterflies
Fronting blue sky
Misty rain falling
On soft wild roses

See the woman beauty
Lightning streaking
Dark summer nights
Forests of pines mating
With new winter snow

See the woman spirit
Daily serving courage
With laughter
Her breath a dream
And a prayer
– John Trudell

1 Wrong + 1 Wrong = 2 Wrongs

Not so you’d notice though

Listening to your fox friends

Or friends ‘fluenced by Fox

As their dubious diatribes on

Facebook, framed from faux

Jeremiad journalists gesticulating

Repeated and regurgitated

(Apparently thinking on

Their own, is a bad idea.)

** Side Note see below

That they will only accept

Kavanaugh’s re-investigation

If Hillary’s 30k emails, Bengazi

And uranium sales are investigated

As a recalculation to see if

Two wrongs do make a right

Was it Shakespeare who said

“Thou dost protest to much”

Playing right into the newly clothed

Emperor’s wish, that his subjects

Keep fighting amongst themselves

While he continues his power grab

A self confessed sexual assaulter

Who could give less than a #uck

About his would be defenders

Knowing at anytime he would

Turn against them as he already has

With the illusionary tax breaks

That benefited his wealthy buddies

Who needs his boy Brett in place so

He may be cleared of criminal charges

When the Muller report is presented

I’m not just picking on the Donald

“My problem is with (huh, huh) authority.”

– Lewis Black

So of course HRC should be investigated

Likewise her and Obama and others for their conspiring and executing the assassination of a foreign leader. Just a tad unconstitutional.

Same goes for George Bush, for initiating an unjust war, killing thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. When the alleged perpetrators  (scapegoats) were in Afghanistan

Using biblical tactics like “Either you’re with us (God), or you’re against us (God)”.

Manipulating an easily swayed populace.

Knowing that ;

“If you’re against the war,…….. it doesn’t mean, …….that you’re for the other side!”

– Lewis Black

Likewise Bill Clinton where his direct orders killed earthlings in Baghdad and Waco, Texas……Americans oopsie.

Before him, George H.W. Bush for using wmd’s in Kuwait for killing our fellow space travelers. Just for having oil under their feet.

After having listened to, plus watched the dvd of “The Prosecution of an American President” By Vincent Bugliosi

One quickly realizes, all the presidents *”should” be tried and prosecuted for all their crimes and war crimes

If we really wanted a transparent system of “justice” and to evolve past good and evil.

* There are no “should’s”, things are such as they are.

Here’s a waker-upper, while Google-ing info for this post by typing in Nuremberg Provisions. You come to realize there are international rules for war.

Hmmm, you would think if we have the audacity to write down what we can and can not do to each other. We could just as easily write down not to hurt anyone regardless, no??

Or simply write down. Make sure everyone is fed and has shelter. Duh!

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

– Edward Bulwer-Lytton 


The system is corrupt

To its core

It is just when it randomly

Leans in our favor

Do we conveniently

Turn a blind eye

Long enough to

Impede our evolution

Which through

Perpetual distraction

Of this or that and

Countless shiny objects

The whole hubbub is

Over a one of nine position

In an ineffective institution

That neither elevates or

Emboldens humanity

Merely positions

A very small group

Of mostly old white (pink) men

To be in a “place”

Of supremacy to

“Legally” determine

Essentially what rights

You have

I’ll let that sink in……….

Not of reason

Or compassion

Or evolution

Or even right or wrong

But “Supreme”

That just does not add up.

The following might

1 ascending step +

1 ascending step =

2 ascending steps

Towards evolutionary enlightenment

Let us take away their right to perform post natal abortions on out of the womb oxygen breathing 68th trimester fetuses.



Side note

Is it just me (for the briefest of time I can listen to that toxic talker, before my spine starts to curve and my soul twists) or is Laura Ingraham ready for the role of Aunt Lydia in the Gilead culture her vileness is making manifest for the Commander and the rest of his cronies who don’t like and or are afraid of women. 

I don’t mean a role in the Netflix series “The Handmaid’s Tale” rather a societal position where she is in “power” to serve at the pleasure of the commander’s bidding by controlling the “brood mares” for the “state”. As only she can “think” for them.

I’m no psychologist, but it would appear (audibly) she may have some “daddy” issues.

Inconclusive Vindication

Inconclusive vindication

Will be a dissonant feeling

Shared by those alike who

May or may not believe 45

Was in cahoots with Russia

Or just a guy on his couch

Add now China to obfuscate

Besides it won’t matter none

The proof is in the pudding

Opaquely infused coldly

In the gelatinous muck

Reality indistinguishable

From optimistic fantasy

That any truth will be known

Much like who killed JFK or

Was Pearl Harbor a war primer

By the Military Industrial Complex

As the Gulf of Tonkin incident

To justify more justification

Maybe landing on the moon was

Alien as Roswell New Mexico

Seeds of doubt sewn in Oklahoma

A wacky war waged in Waco Texas

Wondering why if no plane

Crashed in Shanksville PA

Or the pentagon for that matter

That the earth can not be flat

Blasted bee bees in Boston

Malevolent Mirage mayhem is

When what happens in Las Vegas

Leaves in caskets and mystery

All now evidentially unprovable

So why should we expect different

With “new” questionable events

Because a likeable broadcaster

Said so, in convincing tone and smile

Someone dig up Walter Cronkite

Or bad broadcaster unconvincing

In shouts and on the take as well

Without having a rip tear occur

In the space time continuum and

Freidrich Nietzsche appears, to say;

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”

Now we know that so why do we care

Maybe to realize it says more about us

Than the events that have occurred

What would we do in metaphorical

Situations, participate or prevent

Gaining hindsight is useless

Unless we use it to our advantage

Will conclude with that conviction

How Ironic Is It

That the “key” witness
In Kavanaugh’s alleged
Sexual Assult claim
Last name is Judge

# Why I Didn’t Report

If this keeps going
He is going to be a description
And people will understand

# I’ve been Kavanaugh’d

There Is A Chance

That 45 is not only playing

4 or 5 dimensional chess

Perhaps even playing

Multi-dimensional or even

Inter-dimensional chess

And that we are such

Mindless simpletons

All we perceive is that

We are watching checkers

Frustrated in our ignorance

That it appears that the

Bumbling bogus billionaire

Lies, misdirects deceives

Constantly presents shiny

New objects to distract us

From our awareness that is

Accurate and spot on of

Him being a useful tool

Of the celebrity enamored

The impossible perceptions

Gee, if only I could make

That much money

Have that much “power”

I too could do

Whatever I wanted

Well people can’t

There are too

Many strings attached

To that puppet

Invisible ties

To make movements

Your savored soul

Would not allow

But to some degree

The collective

Has created that

Negative “Energy” being

Much like Ray did

In “Ghostbusters”

(Yes I know it’s a movie)

On the outside as the

Jolly larger than life

Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man

A character you could trust

Disguising as Gozer

Based on one’s projections

Yet, is an archetypal example

Of how we personify

Our base fears as

An outward reflection

Of ourselves as a means

To view aspects of our “self”

That we identify with

And ruminate in to

See our own darkness

That is in some serious

Need of light and love

Can go about changing it

If we only can take that



What we manifested

As some sort of

Crescendoing alarm

To be gently

Awoke to

Before the real

Shit hits the fan

Just Hanging Out

“Muslim or Christian
Mullah or Pope
Preacher or poet
Who was it wrote

Give any one species
Too much rope
And they’ll fuck it up”

– Roger Waters

The luxurious feeling

Of the velvet noose

Around society’s neck


The chair is tipping

To and fro

Back and forth

Gets wedged

In a split

On the table

Leaving us only

Slightly hanging

With a decision

To make

With a choice

Under our feet

Do we make

One last kick

Or rewrite

Or rather

Re-right the chair

Seize the opportunity

That’s been presented

First hop off the table

Right / write

The chair

Remove the

Velvet rope

Get down

And grounded

With the earth

Take a seat

Stop and think

What has led us here

How can I

Change the direction

That is accepting

That fate of

Brooks Hatlen

When it is

Just as easy

To carve

Red was here

And seek to

Experience freedom

Not the kind

We are led to believe

We have


“Everybody’s got a cell phone that’ll make pancakes and rub their balls now— Way too fucking prosperous for our own good.

Americans have been bought off and silenced by toys and gizmos. And no one learns to question things.”

– George Carlin

“The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what is happening.”

– George Orwell  “1984”


“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

– Ellis Boy “Red” Redding

Shawshank Redemption