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Inhale And Exhale

Just breathe

Exhale negativity

Inhale civility

Exhale deception

Inhale connection

Exhale racism

Inhale humanism

Exhale cynicism

Inhale optimism

Exhale corruption

Inhale resolution

Exhale divisiveness

Inhale kindness

Exhale collusion

Inhale revolution

“I can feel you breathe, just breathe
In a way I know my heart is waking up

As all the walls come tumbling down

Closer than I’ve ever felt before

And I know, and you know

There’s no need for words right now
I can feel you breathe

Washing over me”
– Faith Hill


I doubt she meant it for this context
But what the heck.

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

A Weak Argument

A convoluted notion
That a “career” politician
Is supposed to have
Accomplished anything
No one has
Including me or you
Speaking for myself
At my job / career
In thirty five years
Of driving, I’ve driven
Around Two Million
Miles almost entirely
Incident / accident free
That’s hardly an accomplishment
When it is what is expected
Shuffling scheisse back and forth
Across the interstate…does what?
(Though each time I try to do it
Safer, more courteous and kinder)
What can anybody accomplish
That will not need to be
Re-accomplished by others
This is when you realize
There is nothing to accomplish
Save spiritual enlightenment
And that is not going to happen
Not as a human being it’s not
Not while the spirit
Is in the machine
So arguing that “Joe”
Hasn’t accomplished
Anything in 47 years
He should just agree he hasn’t
Except adapt grow and evolve
Into a better person kinder more
Evolved, inclusive, that serves
(By the way, that is all we are here for)
(I don’t know if he has, it appears so)
No offense, but let’s say
Doctors do not accomplish anything
Except try to heal the sick and wounded
In lifelong careers of always “practicing”
Not one doctor has ever caused
Anyone to achieve immortality
So what did 45 do in 47 years
Except fail at every venture
Casinos….I don’t know about you
I have always left with less
Money than I put in
What is left behind goes to
The “State” then the “owners”
What happened there?
Did the State take too much
(He “should”…….sue them)
Schools, steaks, wine, marriages
And don’t kid yourself
He failed at real estate too
Otherwise he would not be in hock
To “foreign” banks and other “entities”
45 is excelling at the Presidential
Liar leader board 22,000 thus far
Speaking of “leader boards”
Isn’t he knows for cheating at golf
Of which he promised not to play
While pretending to be president

As long as I’m presenting useless
Information to sort out what are some
Weak arguments over accomplishments
That is if you’ve read this far


A game many people play
Some of which are professionals
The goal is to get as
Many points as possible
Playing from 301 to Zero
Usually by hitting the “bullseye”
Even the players who have played
For 47 years are shy of their mark
So if a professional dart player
After 47 years of playing
Doesn’t win every time
Should they just not play
After all that time
They have accomplished nothing

Especially when someone comes along who has never played darts, tells everybody he is the best dart player. Doesn’t even aim for the bullseye , convinces his supporters the board is rigged. That he hit the board and that is what counts. Blah blah blah, you get the idea.

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Just Enough Seeds

Of doubt

Have been planted

In that fertile ground

Betwixt your ears

Of who should actually

Be the president

But not enough to

Burgeon a concept

Inspire revolutions

Invoking radical change

That any “system”

Of government that

Does not collectively

Feed and shelter every

Last earthly inhabitant

Making sure all have

Clean drinking water

Working sewage systems

Without living in fear

Of starvation and war

Then the growth

From the seeds

Will just be as

Unwanted weeds

Inundating the

Decaying brain

That knows neither

Rest or peace

Bad Timing

Keep hearing from people

Who like to hear their voice

They can’t wait until

The election is over

So they can quit

Wearing these

Stupid masks

Do they know something

I don’t?


Who adheres to the rule

“If you have nothing to say….say nothing”

Wonders silently

WTF are they yapping about?

Must they think

Regardless of

Or in regards to

An alleged election of

Two possible outcomes

This whole “mask thingy”

Is going awayyyyy?

Other countries have

Nipped this in the bud

Our alleged leadership

Just confessed it gave up

Quite a while ago

At least from the cheap seats

Coworkers are becoming

Temporary un-persons

Vaporized by a virus

Disappearing at random

Only to surface two weeks later

With tales of woe or wonder

The Three Gifts

Bestowed upon us by God

Are logic, reason, and love

Not necessarily in that order

And just to be clear

I do not subscribe to the

Notion that God is an old

White guy grandfatherly

Santa Clause type of entity

Who likes to pit his leftover

Creations against each other

(After he drowned the first batch)

Because they’ve read different books

Usually in ritualistic bloodbaths

Over ideologies oil and power

As a male dominator God while

Sitting on a cloud in the sky

Who watches everything we do

Say, think and is looking out for us

Because that is not reasonable

Logical and is devoid of love

As it defies three of the three gifts

Love, logic, and reason God gave us

Rather a divine force throughout

The infinite multiverse we occupy

On a sphere with gravity and oxygen

Trees, rocks, water, birth and decay

That allows us to make order

Out of chaos discovering a usable

System of math and science

Tools, leverage, kinetic energy

Cultivating the earth’s resources

To feed and house most inhabitants

Which we could make happen for all

If we could extricate ourselves

From detrimental mindsets of

Haves, have-nots, greed, war

In & unintentional overpopulation

Waste and blind consumption

Destroying our three gifts

Love, reason and logic

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Even The Blind Can See

The deaf can hear

The mute can say

That Donald does not

Want to be President


Nor did he want

To be the first time


The celebrity consumed

Want him to be

To satiate some twisted

Collective Freudian

Daddy need issues

On a dark deserted

Ignorant Island

Lord of the flies

Sort of way

Every action is either

Self-serving Deceptive

Or both

Nothing even remotely

Representing leadership

Even after numerous failed






– release taxes (nope)

– Mexico pay for wall (nope)

– better health care plan (none)

– not to golf (283 times so far)

– reduce national debt / Up 5T (Trillion)

Tallied over 22,000 false or misleading claims

And yet, these leader less lemmings

Want to keep handing him the conch

Because they can not see

The forest through the trees

The Illusion

Of “A better place” is
Manifested by
The allusion of
Comfort words
Soothing psyches
From the pain of
Soul departures
Though no one
Has a clue or proof
While still maintaining
The illusion

Where this should have stopped

A better place
May be no where
Or an adjacent dimension
Or light years away
Either way no proof exists
If such a tangible
Place existed it would
Be like a cemetery
Everyone would be
Dying to get there
Same must apply
To a worse place
In a different direction
Though one does not
Hear of it as often
Must just be used
For comparison
As if behaviors
Or deeds were
Tickets for either
Or just something
We simply made up
To perpetuate
The illusion
Of some vague
Purpose to keep
Us occupied
While we are here
Of something
Nobody knows
But plenty
Will tell you by
What is written
Including all of the
That entails

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Wasted Fantasy


Not forever

Just for now

The supposed

Best technology

To get us to Mars

Is nine months

The gestation time

It takes for a Human birth

A round trip

Made with efficient

Planetary alignments

Is about 21 months


People can’t leave their house for more than a week, without getting home sick. Let alone being put into some kind of impossible untested cryogenic state of hibernation, to travel to a desolate frozen barren wasteland, and for what? To make it like Mt. Everest, go there because it is there.

As Joe Rogan put it, The Lucky Charm’s Leprechaun is not waiting at the top to give away gold. It is just hard. Not to mention to get there, climbers climb over dead bodies, too frozen to be removed to be given proper burials.

How does anyone think that going to Mars is going to be any different? Except they will be flying past dead frozen bodies, less of an emotional connection I guess.

Like dodging satellites and asteroids. As long as we are playing with this fantasy and we (as in human beings) can safely get there.

First thing I’d want to do is

Hmmmm, oh yeah!

Take a #ucking shower.

Gonna need some water


No water, till it is unthawed.

In other words, all that equipment is going to have to be sent and set up first….

Without….you know….people.


That’s another thing, toilet paper.

We now know how long we can go without that.

Going to Mars is like planning how to spend

The lottery jackpot

You are not going to win

A futile thought experiment

With all the substance of

Having a wish in one hand

And smelly feces in the other

Putting them both together to

Realize what you really have

Is some dopey unobtainable

Myth keeping people alive

As some sort of stick and carrot

Enticement of cosmic distraction

When instead we could use that 21 months

To get our house (planet)(selves) in order

In such a way that alien life would come here

To learn from our example and be inspired

To show us the technology to get us there

You know all 8b of the bipedal earthlings

Spawned from Gaia consciousness

Serving each other like they all mattered

In ways that are respectful and kind


The power of projections

Are unfortunately usually

Much more powerful than

Anything tangibly concrete

Especially when it comes

To the human imagination

And its deep fear proclivity

Murderous hornets being

The latest euphemism known

Formerly as the killer bees

(Where are they now)

Likewise benign words

Such as socialism

(Um, Jesus was a socialist)

In the right context

Can frighten the most

Simple of trained minds

As long as some version of

Authority or other entities

Manipulate with agendas

Seeking money power or both

Can project danger at will

On unsuspecting

Silver screen minds

I Demand

That someone tell me

How not to come off

So authoritatively

When I know

Absolutely nothing

As I’m never trying

To be “right”

Merely understood

With perspectives

That may never have

Been considered before

Or at least not

In this moment

Thanks for your

Feedback I am

Humbly your servant