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Play Along

It is just a mask

Now required

Like shoes and shirts

Before entering

An establishment

It is the decent thing

To do for all of the

Homebound earthlings

Perhaps the goofballs

That opt not to wear masks

Do so because they can not

Stand the stench of the

Bad breath generated by

Their own verbal diarrhea

Going on inside their head

Regurgitated by rhetoric

Reiterated by the not so “right”

Cause you know the

Reverse would be true

Had their failed and failing

Cult leader pushed it as a good thing

You know like poisoned Kool-Aid

Not quite back to Jonestown yet

They’d be wearing one too

As would all w/o opposition

But that would prove it is

Not political just the

Best thing to do

It’s not anything about

A curtailed freedom

Otherwise the restriction

On shirts and shoes

Body odor and inebriation

Would disappear

So play along until Corona is gone

Completely Obliterating

The alleged democratic process

Of voting through misinformation

Distractions and hyperbole

As the puppet masters pull strings

On either the emotional right and left

Yanking both into controled reactions

Of a fight scene on an electric stage

With wooden swords plastic shields

Metaphorically representing useless

Arguments and counter arguments

Dressed in clashing blues and reds

Always fighting and yet never dying

Done with imperceptible wrist shakes

Finger pulls,thumb jerks and palm pushes

As the audience members become

So mesmerized they believe

In each character as being real

Therefore identify with one or the other

Completely ignoring that only one

Puppet master is in control

The one getting paid for the performance

Through taxes and consumption



“I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs.”

“I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking.”

“Hey, wait a minute, there’s one guy holding out both puppets!”

“Shut up! Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control.”

– Bill Hicks


For f@#&’s sake think before reacting

Have fun watching it is just a show


“Take care of yourself and take care of somebody else.”

– George Carlin


All About Freedom

How can you be free

If you have attached youself

To a perception of freedom

That has you locked into

A concept that confines you

True freedom would be and is

Impossible to define for as soon

It has a definition for what it is

It is no longer freedom

Therefore like everything else

Freedom is a product for sale

An invisible intangible product

Sold at great expense over and over

Either of which can be sold as

Brand spankin new or “as is”

Most everyone is willing to buy it

Some even trade their lives for it

Because they are sold it will bring

Honor to them enough so that they

Will be dead unable to experience it

Is that freedom?

Freedom’s other strange attachment

That having money “buys” freedom

Immediately it is chained to the

Enslavement required to labor

To try and attain it.

Is that freedom?

Also that it can be obtained by a gun

By threatening or eliminating a foe

Defending stuff that can be replaced

Is that freedom?

Who would have thunk

That these variety of words

In that particular order above

Woulg have built up a

Head full of steam to

Carry out a ridiculous rant

Here goes

You are not free

You are attached to…… your name

Clinging to your family’s heritage

Tied to learned religious beliefs

Held to the ever present notion that

You have to produce and consume

In order to be socially acceptable

You are trapped inside a body

That metabolizes nutrition at its rate

Not the rate you might will it to as it

Decides it needs to as it wants to

Burn calories and discharge waste

You are connected to your

Appearance as to who you think you

Know and to who you think you are

Reflections in a mirror

Notwithstanding what you see

Your ability to communicate typically

Is restricted to one language

If English, the parameters are

Limited to just twenty six letters

Regardless the language there

Are only ten numerical digits

Globally used to calculate time

Of when you need to be where

Dictating your whereabouts

While you have the egotistical

Audacity to celebrate freedom

Should you actually free yourself

From all of those ties that bind

Your name heritage and beliefs

It is still very unlikely that you can

Escape from the prison of your ego


Speaking of ego……


I’m going to quote myself……twice



“Freedom is the measurable distance, between you and your watch, wallet, phone & keys.”

– me


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


It is not about the horror

Or the level of the tragedy

It is about the effectiveness

Of the hyperbolic distraction

Used to manipulate the masses

Lulling them into helplessness

While pushing them almost

Into a corner but not quite

Always leaving room for flight

Just in the wrong direction

Only to change corners as a

Catastrophedy brews fresh

Like a morning pot of coffee

The unfortunate kid killing

Falls under a random act of violence

Brought on by a proliferation of

Easily available and obtainable

Weapons of mass destruction

That nobody wants to look at

Because it is in the constitution

Instead of easily pointing that out

The orange Kool-Aid drinkers

Pondered out loud why the death

Of a toddler did not elicit protests or

Get wall to wall eye to ear coverage

Like the George Floyd protests did

Till it immediately dawned on them

That the perpetrator was caught

Convicted then quickly incarcerated

The difference is that those called

The boys in blue, emphasis on boys

Have what is known as ……………..

Qualified Immunity

I’ll repeat that…. Qualified immunity

Giving those with state power the

Right to do wrong and guess what?

Get away with it. See the difference.

Nobody wants to think about that

It is easier to create a meme in

Posting emotional gobbledygook

That elicits rage and sympathy

Than pause long enough to come to

Reasonable life affirming solutions

That is what would serve humanity


“That’s the way the ruling class operates in any society. They try to divide the rest of the people. They keep the lower and the middle classes fighting with each other so that they, the rich, can run off with all the fucking money!

Fairly simple thing. Happens to work. You know? Anything different–that’s what they’re gonna talk about–race, religion, ethnic and national background, jobs, income, education, social status, sexuality, anything they can do to keep us fighting with each other, so that they can keep going to the bank!”

– George Carlin


“They don’t want the voice of reason spoken, folks, ‘cause otherwise we’d be free.

Fuck them! They are liars and murderers. All governments are liars and murderers,”

– Bill Hicks

The Announcement

Was barely made

As alleged Christians

Were writing and memeing

New ways to hate

Seriously doubt that

Is what Jesus would do

But that is not their leader

It is….well… know who

Tearing Kamala apart

With the ever growing

Target of misogyny

And white hot hate

Myself only having

A peripheral awareness

Of that Jesus fellow

Despite what many merikkkans

Would like to believe that

Based solely on the geography of

Where he was historically born

Which is Bethlehem in Palestine is

Chock-full of brown people. Hmmm.

Guess what color Jesus would be

He wasn’t born in Bethlehem Norway

Or from Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Some need to learn who they believe in

Instead of convincing them selves

Jesus was a blue eyed

Light skinned saviour

From Europe who spoke English

Wrote the 2nd amendment

Though that language didn’t

Appear until long after he left

Whoops got sidetracked :

In all fairness

I barely know the guy

Perhaps there is an

Adaptable Jesus

Or a different one

From the one described

In a best selling book

That I understand

To be one of a few

Masters of wisdom

Sent to inspire earthlings

To live in harmony based

On various teachings.

If one praises Jesus

Or tout belonging to

A group identifying

As Christians

For his behavior of

Forgiveness and

Loving all humanity

Teaching righteous ways

Healing the sick

Feeding the hungry

Helping the poor

Guiding and sharing


Nothing like that at all

Even remotely close

Wouldn’t that be






Did he ever use a gun

Or even carry a weapon

I am guessing not as he

Had provable faith there

Is no such thing as death

If this shit keeps up

Perhaps that Christ energy

Will have to reappear

To remind the followers

What they are actually

Supposed to be doing

Which I seriously doubt

Would be focusing on Kamala

As an extended version of

George Orwell’s two minutes hate

Splattered all over fb and

Whispered near water coolers


How much more


Do we need

To realize


Is in this


For himself

Hanging In The Balance

By a threadbare thread

Between a futile existence

And a distorted reality

Encumbered by infinite

Answerless questions

Overwrought opinions

Baneful baseless beliefs

Duplicitous distractions

Over an abysmal abyss


Geez, look what can

Happen to a person who

Spends a few moments

On fb or watching the news

Wonder what would occur

If one just went outside




Feel the sun shining

The breeze blowing

The leaves rustling

The birds singing

With the most destructive

Activity a little cloudbusting

After interpreting images of

Frogs, fries and fast cars

Dogs, dancers and desserts

Guitars, grapes and goldfish

Feel much better already


Balanced instead of hanging

When It Comes

To finding the truth

It’s the heart questions

You’ve got to ask

Along with a little

Soul sleuthing

To discover

It is on the inside

As it always

Has been

Between the beats

In the silence

And the still

With Awareness

Comes change

I am vastly aware

That nothing I do

Or say or write

Will alter anyone’s

Heart or mind

Perception or opinion

Belief or disbelief

My only hope is that

I might learn grow and

Evolve into a better person

A more human being

Being human

Instead of the

Wretched wreck that

Vomits volumes of

Vile views of

What is perceived

Against that

Which does not

Exist in the first place


It is bad enough when

People paint themselves

Into a corner

It is worse when

They have painted


Inside a sphere

In the former

You become aware

That you have your

Back up against

Two walls

At least you know

Where you stand

Whether to wait

Or ruin the paint

Inside the isolated

Concentric sphere

You don’t know

Where you’re at

Or where you can go

So you keep painting

Till you only see

One color to

The point you’ve

Painted yourself

Completely blending

In to your surroundings


Categorized into groups

You can guess what

Color is being painted

In each scenario

Blue into the corner

With no patience yet

Afraid to ruin the paint

Red in the sphere as

That is the only color

They see anyway

With an orange speck

Floating around with

A disembodied voice


You missed a spot

Me. I hate to paint