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The Fact Is










We don’t know

What the facts are

Just what can be

Gleaned from perceptions

Trusting eyes that can

Play tricks on you

Or ears that have a tendency

To hear what they want to hear

Mired in unquestioned beliefs

Speaking in circles

Repeating redundancies

Recycled and regurgitated

Informed by misinformation

Deluged in dichotomies

Played as pawns

By puppeted puppets

Proof be damned

Other than if it is written

It must be “true”

Hanging on hearsay

Real rumors

Roaming restlessly

The landscape of lies

Where there is

No objective truth

How can there be

When while

One is alive

The only perspective

One can have

Is subjective


“All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.”

– Bill Hicks

There Are No













Only theories

That are running

At maximum

Inside many

A cranium

For plenty who

Want too many

To hear

Tis much easier

To live in fear

Than to look around

And get in touch

With one’s own ground

How do you start

Clear your mind then

Listen to your heart

Turn off the news

That will only

Give you the blues

If not deceit

Then contradiction

Needs to be treated

Like an addiction

A way to stop

The mind boff

Is to simply


The TV off



“Learn To Be Still”

“It’s just another day in paradise
As you stumble to your bed
You’d give anything to silence
Those voices ringing in your head
You thought you could find happiness
Just over that green hill
You thought you would be satisfied
But you never will-
Learn to be still

We are like sheep without a shepherd
We don’t know how to be alone
So we wander ’round this desert
And wind up following the wrong gods home
But the flock cries out for another
And they keep answering that bell
And one more starry-eyed messiah
Meets a violent farewell-
Learn to be still
Learn to be still

Now the flowers in your garden
They don’t smell so sweet
Maybe you’ve forgotten
The heaven lying at your feet


There are so many contridictions
In all these messages we send
(We keep asking)
How do I get out of here
Where do I fit in?
Though the world is torn and shaken
Even if your heart is breakin’
It’s waiting for you to awaken
And someday you will-
Learn to be still
Learn to be still

You just keep on runnin’
Keep on runnin'”


– The Eagles


Faith & Belief

Faith and belief

Are as tantamount

To one word cliches

As luck and coincidence



Faith is hope

With a

Religious disguise

Outcome determined by

Luck and coincidence

Belief is an acronym for:


Yet it is difficult to prove otherwise

For if you believe in something or

Believe something w/o questioning

It becomes petrified as fact and the

Calcified content replaces what is

Indistinguishable from its origins

Save that it is now rock hard and

The manifestation of what it is

Has nothing to do with its formation

Either passed on from

Generations past or

Printed in infinitely

Vague interpretations

“You know there is a living God that will talk directly to you – not through the pages of a Bible that forgot to mention dinosaurs.”

Bill Hicks

What is written in your heart

Supersedes anything that was

Written by men, obviously men

That for a millennia was

Regurgitated orally then

Transcribed variously from

Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek

Then each successive language

Used by those holding the reins of power

A simple tool to manipulate masses

Using fear magic & future threats by

Visible and invisible matchstick men

Free One Way Ticket

To heaven

All you have to do

Is get deathly sick

From a branded bug

A virulent strain of Covid

A better gamble

Then lottery ticket odds

Yet, there is no money

To be won or spent

Just a 2 % chance that

If you don’t “survive”

To build immunities

Against it, then you get

To meet God in heaven

Amongst the clouds

Harps and cherubs

Which must not be

All it’s cracked up to be

As everyone is

Doing everything

Not to get a ticket


Perhaps then

Since no one

Wants to go to

The “real” heaven

We could all make

A concerted effort

To make what

We have here now

More of a heaven

On earth so to speak

“Ooh heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven love comes first
We’ll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth”

– Belinda Carlisle

Treat each other as

We might treat Yahweh God Allah

You know……..

With reverence and respect

One, disguised as the

Person that was “walled” off

The person with

“Different” colored skin

(My guess is, it will not be pink)

One that “speaks” funny

(My guess is, it will not be “English”)

A language of love

Compassion and understanding

While contemplating

“What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us?
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make His (or Her) way home?

If God had a face
What would it look like?
And would you want to see
If seeing meant that

You would have to believe
In things like Heaven and in
Jesus and the saints
And all the prophets? And…”

“One Of Us”

– Joan Osborne


And no skin

Are what my

Fingers feel like

With all this










Conscious of

What I’m



About the past

Who or what


It last

Curious when

This is all

“Said” and


If I will be

Anything more

Than a



Would be a really good time

To test a fleet of those

“Self” – driving trucks

At least if they fail or

Significantly error

There won’t be much

To run into except

Other self driving

Human less trucks

Carrying only freight

Without any Covid-19

Who or what

Will open the doors

After breaking the seal

And back them in

Where are the

Self driving forklifts

The robots to

Restack the boxes

That fell off the pallet

In route or en route




Just a suggestion


Whatever this is

That WE are going through

No one “should” come out


Myself included

If WE don’t all get our

Metaphorical ass kicked

And our symbolic

Head handed to US

Only to return to doing

What we were doing before

Then it will have

All been

For naught

Save some endless

Conspiracy primer

For the busy and bored

Me would like to think

It initiates a

Paradigm shift

To an understanding

That there are

No borders

On this sphere

A realization igniter

To prove

We are all one

That we need to do

All we can

To save ourselves

By saving each other

Brought on by a bug

So small

Yet so significant

It affects and can infect

Anyone, regardless of

Race, religion, genders, age

Country or continent

Social status or

Money in the bank


“Human Touch”

– Rick Springfield

Everybody’s talking to computers,
They’re all dancing to a drum machine
I know I’m living on the outside
Scared of getting caught between
I’m so cool and calculated
Alone in a modern world-uh huh


We all need the human touch
We all need the human touch
I need it the human touch
We all need the human touch
We all need it, and I need it too

You know, I got my walls,
Sally calls them prison cells
Sometimes I need protection,
I’ve got the chains
I got the warning bells
I sit so snug and isolated, alone in the modern world-uh huh


Human touch
Human touch
Human touch
Human touch

I’m so scared and isolated
In the modern world

We all need
We all need the human touch
We all need the human touch
We all need the human touch

I need it the human touch
We all need the human touch
I need it the human touch
We all need it and I need it too

Human touch
Human touch
Human touch
Human touch
Human touch