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Turning Tables


The tables are turning

Surveillance is backfiring

Rome is hot burning

The elected are learning

The public is discerning

Leadership it is yearning



Believe living in a democracy

Realizing it is a kleptocracy

Combined with vile autocracy

Deluded no longer, beginning to see

A way to be governed a fallacy

Feeling not at all a normalcy



Perhaps opting for meritocracy

Blending with reasoned technocracy

Steering clear of any theocracy

Eliminating ruse sea to shining sea

Realze our insignificance in the galaxy

Is there any real need for a presidency



If we really value true righteousness

As an awareness of our consciousness

Sacrificing power with no recompense

Enamored by money w/no consequence

Knowing this, none of it makes sense

Greed, shortsightedness must be hence



Must shift in to a new reality

Shake off this crazy insanity

Before it goes on in perpetuity

Can handle only so much depravity

Holding one thought in a world of duality

Breath,  focus on center of gravity



For now, it gives me something to rhyme

Till one can dwell in a new paradigm

My mind goes there all of the time

Traverse the cosmos to find the sublime

Paradise for my family a collective design

Find an aeon respite for the soul of mine


Excerpts from

“Graffiti Man” by John Trudell


Grafitti man’s got something to say
Message in a scrawl message on the wall

Something’s wrong
Not our fault
We gotta be cool
Our time will come


Put on blinders
Dull the senses
Who’s worth more
Than money they spend?


Down with bosses
No more bosses
Something’s gotta change
Something’s gotta change

Lazily Discarding Utopia

What I believe it would take for a peaceful and good world,  I am not served by it, in and of itself, as it would require much more work and effort on my part.


Tongue in cheek


Almost Entirely

Tongue in cheek

Merely Hyperbole

About Waterboarding

I’m just a schmuck

Putin a puzzle together

Recuse the rhetoric

Solemnly swear

Not advocating


Donald Trump’s answer on torture is really out there — even for Trump

By Chris Cillizza February 8, 2016

Donald Trump. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

On Sunday, Donald Trump appeared on “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos in advance of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.  

This exchange — on Trump’s view of torture — is remarkable.

STEPHANOPOULOS:  As president, you would authorize torture?

TRUMP:  I would absolutely authorize something beyond waterboarding.  And believe me, it will be effective.  If we need information, //


Today’s Russia hearing — without many answers — was still bad for Trump

“After today’s hearing, we’re left with more questions than answers about POTUS’ conduct.”

Updated by Alex Ward on June 7, 2017 4:10 pm

Top intelligence and law enforcement officials refused to confirm reports that President Donald Trump had tried to shut down an ongoing FBI probe into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia.

It was a bad day for the White House all the same.

That’s because the officials also declined to definitively say that Trump hadn’t asked them to do so.

Put another way, none of the high-level government officials were willing to testify, under oath, that former FBI Director James Comey was wrong to allege that Trump told him to shut down the Flynn probe, a move that could amount to obstruction of justice.

The optics would have been bad enough if Wednesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing — which featured, among others, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and NSA Director Adm. Michael Rogers — had occurred in isolation.

But they’re particularly bad given that the hearing comes just a day before Comey himself is set to testify under oath that Trump asked him to stop the Flynn investigation.


Well,  if we need information.  Hmmm?

TRUMP:  I would absolutely authorize something beyond waterboarding.  And believe me, it will be effective.  If we need information, //

Hmmm? Since you suggest it is effective.


I wonder if this presidential precedent can apply to all criminal cases?


Prosecutor :  You’ve been caught red handed, will you please explain?

Defendant  :  That would be really inappropriate for me to answer that.

Prosecutor :  Okay, thank you for your testimony.  Try not to do what thought we caught you guilty of.

Lala lala.

Or as Steve Martin suggested (in the 70’s)

“I Forgot!”

How many times do we let ourselves get into terrible situations because we don’t say “I forgot”?

Let’s say you’re on trial for armed robbery. You say to the judge, “I forgot armed robbery was illegal.”

Let’s suppose he says back to you, “You have committed a foul crime. you have stolen hundreds and thousands of dollars from people at random, and you say, ‘I forgot’?”

Two simple words: Excuuuuuse me!!”

Spatial connected non sequiturs


Does auntie matter to uncle wave, particularly when it comes to quarks?

Your neutral input, will add a positive charge to the gravity of the situation.

In light of the frequency that this occurs,  although rarely detectable if you are not there to observe it.

Guess we could ask Gamma ray, after she finishes that primordial soup she made from scratch

Then maybe we can have those licorice donuts that on the whole are very black

We offered some to the principal.  Uncertain he would eat them, suggested we bring them to the Sr. class making posters to help elect Ron.

Or take them to the drama department working on Snow White, give them to the star dwarfs.

Perhaps the orchestra leader wants one.  I hear she is a super conductor as long as you don’t collide with her.

If you are not to particular about the time we could gather some worms and go to the fission hole.

I asked Jean, yes or no about going as well. Couldn’t decide as she was actively listening to the radio and playing with her cat Schroeder in a box. I so hoped she would go before it was too late.

Neil was bored, so he’s going.  Ann stained her blouse, which she discovered after lunch, with Harmony and will converge with the others after changing.


I wish I knew where this  $@!+ comes from, so I could get it edited before I hit publish.

The Irrelevance of Capital Hill



Halls of government

Have been replaced


By the

Malls of consumption

Leaving behind the bones and

Skull of the constitution

Causing the

Fall of our evolution

Making most

All of the institutions

A means to

Dull your sensations

Time to

Call your relations

And make

Tall your expectations

A habit of

Y’all realization

Best we

Maul the distractions

So we don’t

Lull next generation

Slowing the

Crawl to stagnation

Having them

Bawl from frustration

When they could

Stall the manipulation

From one or

All of the population

Having the

Gall for cessation

Tearing down the

Wall of separation

Trying to

Null the degradation

On this big blue green

Ball of salvation

Striving for the long

Haul of civilization

Or we better call

Saul for reparation


Not even sure why I care, my life has never changed from one administration to the next. This one just seems to be more entropicaly entertaining then all the others.


Wonder if I could get Eminem to rap that?




Living for a death wish

Dying for a life wish

Salivating for a sandwich


Perhaps eating from the tree of knowledge was our fall from grace.

Still did not hamper our ability to eat  dessert from the Aspen of Awareness that we might reach a sanctity satiety into the whole wholeness of our being.

Forward to, if even for just a moment beyond good and evil, and be all that is.

Knowing in your soul, that although you are experiencing life subjectively, you are the encompassing infinite, infinitely encompassing.


Inspired in part by


“The Voice of Knowledge”

Don Miguel Ruiz


And “knowing” that,


“All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.”

Bill Hicks

Here’s Tom, with the weather.

Open Setting

“If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, the whole system would collapse.”

George Carlin

Hearing too much of the following lately.

Can’t discuss this in an open setting.

Why not ? Hmmm?

Of course we know why this is acceptable. Because we do it ourselves in our own lives. Must be the ego that likes to get all puffed up with pride. Thinking that allegedly elected representatives will come to an actual conclusion behind closed doors.

In some suspenseful big reveal that amounts to nothing but duplicating distractions.  Anything getting done, moving forward and making sure it doesn’t happen again is highly unlikely.

Remember Dick and George were able to give their hand-held testimony together without any transcription made of any kind? Yet the public accepts this under the guise of “NATIONAL SECURITY”

Unfortunately when that shoe is on your own foot, it is done under the guise of personal security.


Wanton whispers

Surreptitious suggestions

Unspoken utterances

Hushed harangues

Reticent rumors

Ilicit innuendos

Malignant mumbles

Benign bemusements

Deceptive directives

Phantom phrases

Covert cleverness

Darkish dialogue

Vile verbiage

Dismal diatribes

Stifled sentences

Concealed conversations


Why not lay all the cards on the table?  It’s not a stacked deck, if everything is laid out for all to see. F the closed sessions. Of course only if people are willing to do it in their personal lives, will we ever achieve the desired outcome.