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The Difficulty

Of seperating

Non-reality from


Just establishing a little context.

“What else bothers me?

Mickey Mouse’s birthday being announced on the television news as if it were an actual event! I don’t give a shit! If I cared about Mickey Mouse’s birthday I would have memorized it years ago! And I’d send him a card, ‘Dear Mickey, Happy Birthday, Love George’.
Mickey Mouse- no wonder no one takes our country seriously, we waste valuable news time informing our citizens of the age of an imaginary rodent.”

– George Carlin

It would appear as though some of the acquaintances of allegedly grown adults (which would be more accurate than “friends”) I’ve gathered on Facebook, like to espouse their ignorance by posting memes that declare that they support Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam and have the right to keep and bear arms.

You know, the ones, the Pro-tRump, Pro-gun, Pro-life, Pro-death penalty aka Pro-murder, (how consistent) as long as it’s not “their” “kind” that is getting murdered.

Then, then “they” might actually have something to get “up in arms” over.

Meanwhile, getting all 2nd ammendment righteous over “drawn” cartoons as to whether or not they can be shown on TV anymore as gun owners Elmer Fudd or authority Yosemite Sam.

Besides, if Yosemite Sam “loses” his gun, they might as well draw him without bendable knees too.

On the flip side, I’ve heard ramblings that Paw Patrol (another cartoon) be canceled simply because one of the characters, is a police pup named Chase.

The only way that should happen would be if the police pup’s name was changed from Chase to Neil.

No Lives Matter

Tsk tsk

Always the contrarian

………… Or am I ?

No lives matter

Only the life of





Constructs of


Created to keep



Death be dammed




Keep purchasing

Buying and keeping

As planned








Gender roles

Wealth status


Rule of law



And Rights





Nourished by

The examples above

Feeding off humans

Proclivity for

Ego based happiness

That any one or all of

Those categories

Can keep everyone

Divided and damaged

By holding their “position”

In life as being defined by

What each believes

As to their opinion

About say, “their”

Religion, race or wealth

Just to name a few

Mindlessly attaching

Good to themselves and

Bad or wrong to “others”

Even though we are all

(bi-pedal oxygen breathing, monoxide exhaling, red-blooded, skeleton supported, solar powered, carbon-based, large brained, earth inhabitant omnivore artists)

Who’s spirit can not die and

Will outlive the corporations

Till we once again

Choose to evolve

Into our divinity

Stand Up

Stand up for what you believe in

We’ve all heard that phrase

But what if one’s “beliefs”

Are ridiculous or unfounded

Built on hearsay and rumor

Substantiated by nothing

Other than indoctrinations

Based on ego and ancestry

Worse yet, words in a book

That have been rewritten

Revised reworded rearranged

Left out then let back in to be

Misinterpreted and misused

By people in positions of power

To perpetuate their perceptions

In how they want people to behave

Because an invisible man in the sky

Said so, or so “they” say, said so

Fully examined and understood

Gives one, one less leg to stand on

The Cult Of Humanity

Brainwashed from birth

To somehow think

We are different

From each other

For no reason

Other than ones

We’ve accepted

Such as

Airs of superiority

Or rather errors

Of superiority

Of epidermis pigmentation hierarchy

Of beliefs in invisible deities

Of wealth in varying degrees

Of geographical locations

Of perceptions of royalty

Of gender roles and identities

Fawning at the feet of fame

Placating people in power

Oh the depravity

To be in the twisted

Cult of humanity

How Long Does It Take

Warning: The following is not for the faint of heart, the easily offended or the metaphorically challenged.

How long does it take

To perform an abortion?

I’m not sure how long it takes in a clinic, but in an open air setting, on the pavement with a vehicle tire as a headrest. It takes 8 minutes 46 seconds to end the life of a 2,444 week old fetus

Which includes having assistants standing by, making sure the procedure is not interrupted.

Where are those Right to lifers when George Floyd really could have used them?



Bohemian Blues

Mama, just killed a man,
Put my knee against his neck,
Applied pressure, now he’s dead

Papa, look what I have done
Been taught to be racist
Since I was one

How Hard Would It Be

To add

The two words

No Mask

To the store

Entrance sign

That reads

No Shirt

No Shoes

No Service

So people might realize, then understand, their “rights” are not being violated?

Maybe it’s because masks starts with an M. Which would throw off the whole S sound sequencing.

How about

No Coverings

No Commerce

Too Newspeak perhaps

I Don’t Know

“There ain’t a white man in this room that will change places with me — and I’m rich!”

“That’s how good it is to be white.

There’s a one leg busboy in here right now going “I don’t wanna change, I’m going to ride this white thing out, see where it takes me.”

– Chris Rock



I don’t know

What it’s like

To be a black man

Can’t even imagine

Always a target

For a racist

Just for being black

Very difficult to hack

If the role was reverse

Then it’d be perverse

Is it so trite

To be white

That the jealousy

Forgoes human decency?


Behind Brown Eyes

No one knows what it’s like

To be a black man
Except a black man
Behind brown eyes

Pink/white can’t know what it’s like
To be jaded
To be fated
Living daily lives

As the screams
Become deafening
Many ears begin to bleed

Tyranny Theory

While it is a cute theory

That an armed populace

Can defend itself against

A tyrannical government

Even those nudniks know

That in the back of their mind

If they attack the individuals

Representing the oppressors

They are still fellow humans

(Besides reversing the roles

Would make themselves the

“Enemy” they seek to destroy)

Therefore the catch 22

Likelihood of engaging

Diminishes rapidly and is

Basically reduced to

Useless slogans

Buoying emotions

“Live free or die”

“Don’t tread on me”

“I’ll give up my gun when

They pry it from my cold

Blah, blah blah blah blah”

There it was in black and white

State power murdering a civilian

Not because he was ordered to

But because he could

Where was the armed populace

To defend the civilian then

Poof, nowhere to found

Save, wrapped so well

In its flag blanketed

Second ammendment theory

It can’t see the forest

Through the trees



Light To Dark Haikus

Be like Jesus Christ

Teach guide inspire heal share love

You’ll die either way


Be like Muhammad

Modest humble forgiving

You’ll die any way


Be an Atheist

Free of invisible gods

You’ll die regardless




Be more like Buddha

Live like you’ll reincarnate

You will die again


“Be it the Devil or be it him
You can count on just one thing

When the time is up you’ll know
Not just one power runs the show”

– Iron Maiden

“Fates Warning”



 “I think therefore I am.” 

 René Descartes 




I think that I think

But perhaps

I don’t think at all

Maybe, just maybe

I’m programmed

To think that

I think

That would be

A real bummer

Besides it would be

Impossible to prove

Is what I’m thinking

Like thinking

Some people

Don’t think at all

Of course that is

Like a belief

Impossible to prove

As both are in

The confines

Of squishy gray matter

For that matter

As they may be

Thinking more

Than I think I think

Wondering if what

I am thinking

If at all

Or if I just

Write and speak

Again which

Could all be part

Of some useless

Program running

Infected with a

Malignant virus

Causing the software

To question

Its own existence

In realms of

Perceived reality

Like accepting

The color green

As being “green”

It is only that


That is what

We’ve been told

Or read it is

Or at least

That is what

I’m thinking