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Driving My Life, Away. In A Strange Way

October 2, 2016

Driving down, the deep

Introspection highway

If I don’t exist,  how can

I do it my way

Hang on loose

Or my Soul will fly away


On one hand

Seem to be here

On the other hand

It is not so clear

Yet, it is with

Both I must steer


Although, not lost

Need some direction

Mirrors on the side

Can’t see my reflection

One more glance

For a failed inspection


Oh, that is it

Pay no nevermind

The past is just that

Put it way behind

Keep moving forward

Map out being kind


At night in the dark

I’m always rolling

Ideas,  they come to me

Without even trolling

Nary when I run, yet oft

When I am strolling


Driving on

Many a wheel

Thoughts aren’t

Always empyreal

Still learning

How to feel


Get paid well

It is kind of funny

Not doing this

For the money

Would trade it all, for

Time with my honey

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