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Biosphere Eclipse

September 1, 2017

18 years is too long to go in between looking up at the sky into the cosmos. We have the technology, all we need now is the overwhelming desire. Plus the wherewithall, to understand the importance.

My nightly, five day a week run, takes me over a mountain pass. On clear nights, take the opportunity to stop for a moment turn off the truck, the lights, (set the brakes), step outside, lean back against the truck. Look up in awe and ponder.

Having learned from the California Griffith Observatory, what the seemingly thicker band of stars is. It is the spiral of stars that are the Milky Way. Of which we are floating around on this little blue green ball within it.

Which it is one of an infinite number of galaxies and endless space. Race, religion, wealth, ownership, hate, anger,  sides, war evaporate in to the ethereal.

You cannot see it from a city at night because of all the lights bouncing around the atmosphere. Including street lights, parking lot lights, business signs, etc, etc. Try it, you’ll see nothing except maybe the moon and only the brightest stars.

Back to the technology,  it would be feasible to have planned outdoor lighting outages so that a large amount of people could look to the heavens with no special glass purchases so they might understand where their place in the cosmos is. Grasping how fragile and important everything is.

Nobody would have to worry about “crimes” or looting either.  After that awareness dawned, about “our” place in infinite.  Causing harm or perceiving “illegal” ownership of something pales in comparison to even removing a thimble of water from the ocean thinking it changes anything.

Something to think about at night,  obviously I do. So did Joe Rogan.


“Space is the most taken for granted thing ever. You know how crazy it is that it’s above you, every day and never comes up.

If we all lived underground or indoors, there was only one place in the whole world……where you can see space, you know how popular that *** would be?

Everybody would travel to see space. You just stand there and hold hands and look up and go: “There’s no ceiling, it’s *** incre… It’s mindblowing!”

But instead it’s there everyday like: “Oh look the Big Dipper, I should go.”

People travel to see the *** Grand Canyon.”Hey dude, you’ve got to go to the Grand Canyon man, dude it changed my life man””

I stood up there and saw that canyon, it was so immense……i just realised how small my role in the universe really is.””

Oh, really? Wow! Hey, how about all that ***?””(Joe Rogan points up) What the *** are you talking about? Those aren’t light bulbs mother ***!””

Those are huge nuclear explosions billions of miles away……and it goes on forever. Do you know what forever means?””

It means this whole universe of hundreds of billions of galaxies……might just be a part of one atom……it’s in the cell of the balls of one guy who lives in another universe……it’s part of one atom, that’s a cell of a ball and a guy……and it goes on and on and on FOREVER!!!””

And there is no *** end! And you are looking at a ditch. You just drove six hours to look at a ditch, you are a *** dummy.””

You can see the bottom, why is that even interesting to you?””Oh yeah, yeah, you are small, it’s big.

“Space is some *** crazy ***!”

– Joe Rogan 

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