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Predator Nation

November 13, 2017

Predator Nation

Staggering Victimization

Reticent Multiplication

Patriarch Justification

Witness Confirmation

Consent Demarcation

Feminine Subjugation

Failed Realization

Nary Prosecution

Weak Criminalization

Prey Persecution

Impossible Restitution

Tortured Emotion

Delayed Communication

Multiple Verification

Accelerating Devolution

Recorded Conversation

Blind-Eye Utilization

System Devotion

White-House Occupation

Accuser Recrimination

Past-Presidents Allegation

Stark Realization

Continued Perpetuation

Broadcast Corporation

Reverse Extortion

Truth Contortion

Spin Cessation

Mogul Rehabilitation

Comedian Explanation

Senator Molestation

Church Reorganization

Trek Navigation

Persona Falsification

Show Cancelation

Consciousness Disconnection

Simple Solution

Enhance Evolution

Slow Procreation

From Overproduction

Awareness Education

Earthlings Reduction

Incremental Attrition

Without Abortion

Spiritual Salvation

New Revolution

Replace Bastion

Enlightened Action





Predator and Prey

Intentionally or


Making more

Predator or prey

Preying predators

Too oft pre-excused

Boys will be boys

Indoctrinated princesses

Illusioned by princes

The scary tale

Is the fairy tale


By society

And corporations




The Lessen Lesson


The world’s problems would be more solvable if there were less problems (people) to solve them.



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