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November 15, 2018

Manipulated obediency

From all sides through

Manufactured consent

Utilizing divisiveness

That at any given point

One side ranks superior

To an opposing side as a

Means of controlling all

In a mindless tit-for-tat

Regarding the following

“Your” “Team”, “Your” “City” etc..

The “Brand” you “prefer” sometimes

Based on nothing except a

Jingle, slogan or logo

Droned on and drummed into

Your subconscious as programed

Through audio and visual repetition

Malware infecting gray matter

Race, religion, ethnicity

Gender, sexuality, orientation

Independent, democrat, republican

“Red” state “Blue” state, even “Purple”

Wealth, poverty, social status

None which exist

At anyone’s core

Just you being

A being

A spirit

A consciousness

A ghost

In the machine

A pilot within

The * microscopic dot

Navigating the world

Filtered through

Layers of masks

Either imprisoned by self

By obediently following

Their “rules” “they” change or

Self imposed castle walls

Or a state run cell block

You are your own warden

Who has the skeleton key

To open the cage

Set yourself free from


It is all for what?

If it is all for naught.

“Dreaming about some kind of life

We say, it could have been different

But it wasn’t, because we weren’t

No matter what, it turns out the same”

– John Trudell

From “Rich Man’s War”

* microscopic dot is a Wayne Dyer reference

From → Lyrics, Paradox, random

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  1. Perfect finale.

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