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Skewed Information

February 11, 2020

To an intended audience of one

Along with 45’s cult (base)

Not only do I want

To hear both sides

I want to know

The inside and

The outside

But nooooooo

Like our

Alleged democracy

There is only

Left or right

Right or wrong

Allies or enemies

Masculine or feminine

Chaos or catastrophe

Up or down

When the sphere

We are on

Of which we are

Its spawn

Has none of that

No matter

The direction

We are headed

It follows a line

Back to ourselves

The narrow casting

Is getting more focused

Only to discover we’ve

Been hocus-pocused

Into a singularity of thought

Whether doing the dial dance

Or pressing the programmed presets

Always looking for balance

Nuanced perspectives

That hopefully enlighten and inform

But noooooo, that’s not happening

Merely opinions based on conjecture

Forecasts foisted in fear of facts

Malignancy instead of mindfulness

Shouting as opposed to searching

Noticing that one side (fox) isn’t

Any better than the other side (msnbc)

Both gearing their material for their

Audience as a way to keep them both

In concentric instead of connected circles

Meanwhile selling the same products

Between well scripted dialogue

Saturated in subtle suspense

Fooling the viewers / listeners

That what is coming up next

Absolutely can not be missed

Accomplishing the same goal

Hooking one in make purchases

Wasting the earth’s resources

Hocking (intangible) tangibles

(A better night’s sleep) aka new beds / sheets

(Safety and security)  home video surveillance

(Magic money) suing pharmaceuticals

After profiting enormously to have

Enough left over for the talking heads

At least one side got their employees

Seemingly from broadcast schools

The other from schools of shouting

Just a reminder for “shouting” Sean Hannity

Shouting will not

Propagate a truth

From a lie

No matter how loud

Or how many

Times it’s repeated

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