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Nincompoop Proof

January 11, 2022

That time does not exist

Forget Einstein’s theory that

Everything is happening

All at once

That is too complicated

Since he was a genius

And I are a nincompoop

The proof is in the

Reoccurring notion that…..

These are the “END TIMES”

Placarded at random on

Billboards and bumper stickers


To my best recollection these

“END TIMES” have been around

For quite a long time now or at least

30 plus years that I can think of

With such ominous warnings that

If you don’t repent YOU WILL DIE*

Or even better yet GO TO HELL**

So either myself and or everyone

Is doing such a great job

Changing their ways we are

Collectively kicking the can

Down some eternal road


It is probably safe to assume

These “END” times have gone

On longer than my memory serves

Most likely even before we had

Made up calendars and clocks


My guess is that somebody

Bought into that concept and like

A shitty pyramid scheme has to

Sell it on to everyone else so they

Do not see themselves as a

Foolish following gullible sucker


That message is always on signage

Never carefully crafted conversations

Because if it were, the above argument

Would shut it down in a heart beat


At this point it is not much more

Then a weak distraction save

Accepting it is as what it is

A bogus biblical scare tactic

To enhance some groups income

Or if one is paying close attention

Give proof that time does not exist

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

“Or a better watch”

– Angelo Devlin



No you will not. Merely change shape
And / or enter a different dimension



HELL does not exist….save in a mind
That pretends to believe such folly


Where this should have stopped…….

My apologies for making this longer
However in my minimalist research
To polish this post I just looked up
The word “end” to clarify its meaning

Which 2a: states “The point at where
Something ceases to exist” (interesting)

Interesting, as in the consciousness of
Our collective awareness there is a word to
Describe something that has never happened

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Albert Einstein


Then, since it is an electronic dictionary
Noticed “end” wth a hyphen after it “end-“

No no no no it can not have a definition

Can it? Let me see e n d – t (oh scheisse)

Yup. There it sits “end-time(s)”

Must going to be a combined definition…..


“end-time(s)”  which doe not even have
Any subset definitions just…….get this

“The time of the prophesied end of the world”
: Armageddon

Oh no, another word to look up…..
Good thing it has automatic links here goes..

“Armageddon: the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil.”

Bwaha haha hehe chuckle snort guffaw

We are a suspicious lot are we not????

I don’t blame the dictionary, it is merely
A tool to help us see how silly we are.

Thanks for taking your “time” to read this

Hope it was as much fun to read as it was
To write, regardless of how much time it took

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