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January 12, 2023

According to the rules of making up words, which is a rule I just made up, is that one can make up a new word. As long as the new word is given a definition, in the content and context in which it is derived.

Beception : a belief / perception gives the user of the word, as they are using the word in the “now” “real-time” moment, a chance to question their beliefs as information is presented.

Having a beception gives the orator or writer an instant to question, while explaining their understanding, of the message they are attempting to convey.

Consider the following.

It is my beception (belief/ perception) that the earth is round.

Since somehow, this notion has entered the unconscious of some earthling inhabitants, that it might be flat. Usually stated with emphatic conviction, never assuming it could be otherwise.

The listener or reader, could then also question the validity or “provability” of the statement. Since it doesn’t state specifically, the earth is round, or present an opinion that the earth is flat. Though, almost every near and far celestial bodies and stars are spherical in shape. As far as I am aware, give or take, science, observations, logic, gravity and telescopes.

The slight trouble with the word beception is that it reads and sounds too much like deception. Which is also what happens when people are deceived by their beliefs and not questioning whether or not what they believe, is real, or indoctrinated imagination.

Who knows, perhaps it was all those school displays and spherical suspended mobiles, that lead me to that beception.

Have I been to the moon? No. Have I been to Mars? No. Have I been to the sun? Definitely not!

Have I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane to observe what I was informed is the curvature of the earth, at 12,500 feet above the earth? Yes.

Could I be wearing a virtual reality headset, since birth to see an artificial reality, programmed to keep me distracted from knowing my true self and identity?

Probably not, but that is as good of a beception that the earth is flat.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


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