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Not Enough Glitches

June 14, 2022

In the Matrix

To disturb

The disturbed

The spoon

Is bent and

Nobody cares

School shootings

Mass shootings were

Not “supposed”

To be routine

Rather anomalies

In the machine

That need attention

Not an aberration in a

Flashing warning buzzer

That goes off so often

It is ignored constantly

Like a hole in a wall

Not fixed immediately

Becomes how it is

Expected to look

Therefore does not

Need to be fixed

It already is

(Buy) perception

That is sold as

Second amendment rights

School is in session

The roulette wheel

Is spinning

Will the barreling bullet

Bounce off on your kid

Time and gravity will tell

It is too late

To withdraw your bets

The chips you played

Go to the house

Shame on society

For gambling with

The born unborns

Once so precious

They had to be saved

For what

The funeral pyre

It is as hot as hell already

Like (I assume) a drug addict

Given a choice of red or blue

Took both at the same time

Making aware unaware aware

Remember…television is a drug

Zombified enough not to care

Nauseated enough to be sick

Sedated enough to be narcissistic

That it is someone else’s responsibility

Seeing the world in a digitized haze

Hoarding greenbacks for ego

” ‘Green’ is the colour of decay (like mold), disease (you get a greenish face when you are sick) and dead. And everyone living in the Matrix is nothing else than a nearly dead person in the real world who is kept alive in a reddish liquid.”


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